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‘Coffee Talk’ Releasing This January 

  • Demo available on Steam.
  • Work at a coffee shop.
  • Physical edition in Japan comes with extras.


Developer Toge Productions has announced that Coffee Talk will be launching for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on January 29th, 2020. It will arrive on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on the 30th of January. You will find a demo on Steam, and you can access it here.

Console versions of Coffee Talk will receive a physical edition in Japan from publisher Chorus Worldwide. First-print copies will include a booklet and two-disc original soundtrack. The Japanese version will also support English, French, German, and other languages.

Coffee Talk is about listening to other people’s problems and helping by making something warm to drink. There are dozens of special drinks to make, and hundreds of possible drink combinations. You’ll be able to show off your creative side with latte art. Depending on what you serve your customers, their stories will change.

The developers aim to depict everyday life as close to reality as possible. They’ve also opted to go beyond just humans by having a cast of elves, succubi, and aliens. Be immersed in dramatic love stories, trying to understand human life, and many others that emulate real world situations. All of this takes place in 2020, in an alternate version of Seattle.

One of the goals of Coffee Talk is to have an experience that makes you think, feel, and rest both your body and soul. As you engage in these late night conversations with warm drinks, there are soothing jazz and lo-fi music tracks to enjoy. Pixel art, the overall visuals, and the tone are all 90s anime-inspired. All of this is designed to draw you closer into this world. Other key features are as follows:

  • Tales of people from an alternative-Seattle, a city where elves, orcs, mermaids, and many other fantasy races live together with humans in a modern world we will all find familiar.
  • Hundreds of drink combination to play with, along with latte art making features that serve as a meditative experience for the players.
  • Branching storylines, where the branches are determined not by the dialogue options you choose, but from how you serve your cafe customers.

It’s interesting that the story lines can change based on what drink you give a customer, rather than dialogue choices. If you’ve played the demo, did you enjoy it? Would you recommend this game to someone new to the genre? To stay up to date on Coffee Talk, make sure to follow the developers on Twitter, Facebook, and their official website.