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Conquer The Tower in ‘FIGHT KNIGHT’

  • Coming to Steam.
  • A first person grid-based dungeon crawlers.
  • Solve puzzles, and fight challenging enemies.


Developer Team Sorcerobe is currently hard at work on their upcoming indie action adventure dungeon crawling RPG FIGHT KNIGHT on PC via Steam. Using a first person perspective, players will part take in a grid-based dungeon crawling experience. There are enemies, puzzles, and more to discover as you make your way through the Tower. It’s up to you to master the Tower, and everything inside.

Players will see in FIGHT KNIGHT that a tower has ascended without warning. It begins to consume the land as it rises, growing higher with each passing moment. Those who happen to live close to the tower, are cursed to live under its shadow, putting them in seemingly eternal darkness. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, the tower vanished. This has led to those who can predict its next appearance, thus diving the world into two: those who would avoid it, and those who would venture inside to seek its treasures. Dark and twisted forms of the consumed locations and people reside inside, but the treasure at the top is surely worth it.

FIGHT KNIGHT aims to mix high speed action with dungeon crawling mechanics. Players will climb through the varied and diverse floors, each with their own friends and foes roaming the halls. You’ll need to solve puzzles, collect artifacts, and help FIGHT KNIGHT grow in power. Combat will take place in real time, using grid-based melee mechanics. Other features are as follows:

  • UNIQUE PRESENTATION: Retro-game-inspired visuals that manage to look unlike any retro game!
  • 5+ ZONES: Each zone is comprised of multiple floors of puzzle-filled dungeon exploration. Each zone of the Tower has its own unique setting, layout, NPCs, puzzle elements, and enemies!
  • HAND-CRAFTED LEVELS: Thoughtfully hand-crafted levels full of puzzles that are designed to take FIGHT KNIGHT‘s unique punching capabilities into account!
  • ROBUST COMBAT: Compelling real-time positional combat system involving all manner of fist-based warfare. Punch, dodge, push, counter, punch, block, and punch your way to victory!
  • CHOOSE YOUR STYLE: Equip FIGHT KNIGHT with energy-burning super moves called SPECIALTIES, consumable items, and a variety of gauntlets— all with various situational advantages and attributes! Give FIGHT KNIGHT what you think gives you the edge!
  • CHALLENGING FOES: Enemies work together in unique combinations to ensure your demise. Not only does each enemy have their own quirks and attack patterns, enemy skills are designed to play off each other! FIGHT KNIGHT will have to learn how to deal with enemies both individually and in large groups!
  • MEET N’ BEAT: Enjoyable cast of characters to meet and punch along the way!

Are you excited for FIGHT KNIGHT? What about the title has caught your interest? Are there any other similar titles that you’d recommend? For other indie titles to keep an eye on, make sure to check out Zengeon, Skully, and Fallout 76. To stay up to date on FIGHT KNIGHT, make sure to follow the developers on their official Twitter account.