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‘Cooking Mama: Coming Home to Mama’ Features Vegetarian Mode and… Blockchain Technology?

  • The new game is the first of three being published by Planet Digital Partners.
  • Planet Digital Partners  is a Blockchain based publisher partnered with many big names.
  • Their new Cooking Mama game will feature a vegetarian mode.

Fans have discovered some new information about an upcoming Cooking Mama title coming to the Nintendo Switch. The game: Cooking Mama: Coming Home to Mama, is being described as a reboot of the franchise that will be available in Fall 2019. The game is being developed by Planet Digital Partners, and will be their first portfolio game. While one of the most talked about features is the new Vegetarian Mode, which will provide new and unique recipes to create substitutes for animal and meat based dishes, there is also discussion around the integration of “blockchain technology.”

Planet Digital Partners is a blockchain-based company, which is one of many that have popped up ever since the crypto-currency bubble brought on by growing currencies like Bitcoin and Etherium. But, what does this mean for Cooking Mama? Well, Planet Digital’s explanations are… kinda vague. They discussed the features in their press release, which says:

Key blockchain components for “Cooking Mama: Coming Home to Mama” include:


  • Unique Blockchain Private-Keys – Each purchased copy of the game will have unique IDs which will be managed directly through the game’s internal wallet storage. Players will be able to focus on Cooking Mama’s user experience rather than cryptographic key management.
  • Private-Key Enabled Balanced DRM – Traditional DRM limits the ability to copy games, while private-keys on blockchain protocols allows easy registration. These combined items provide greater proof of ownership to legitimate owners of a game, while also allowing them to resell games both digitally and in traditional retail outlets.
  • Enhanced Multiplayer Experience with Dual Expression – This feature, when enabled, makes every copy of a game subtly different and personal to a user. It utilizes the private-key to change expression algorithms for characters, ingredients and cooking methods.
  • Securing Online Events – For promotional events, player records and participation can be tracked while maintaining privacy. In addition, hashes of the running game can be recorded to ensure the game has not been altered to create an unfair advantage.
  • Digital Assets, Rewards, Recognition – Users will be rewarded with in-game currency (or points, experience, and other items) or earn recognition and certificates. These could be provided by the game, other players, or third parties that host tournaments or other promotions.



But, what does this actually mean. Breaking it down, “Unique Blockchain Private-Keys” is a rather vague feature. Why would players need to focus on “cryptographic key management” in their cooking game? Going further, “Private-Key Enabled Balanced DRM” seems to be an advancement in digital rights management, allowing for blockchain registrations to further prevent illegal copies of the game. One of the most interesting has to be the “Enhanced Multiplayer Experience with Dual Expression.” This feature, if it works as they claim, would make every game inarguably unique, using slight changes in algorithms to make each game a little more unique and personal. The last two appear interlinked, with the aspect of “Securing Online Events” preserving the privacy of players through blockchain technology, while also functioning as an anti-cheat system. Then “Digital Assets, Rewards, Recognition” connects rewards to those players, and allows for various different parties to reward users, such as “the game, other players, or third parties that host tournaments or other promotions.”

All of this blockchain talk is awfully complex, especially for something like Cooking Mama. What all of this will do to the game won’t come into focus until the game releases, which will hopefully be this fall. 

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