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‘Cowboy Yakuza’ Available Through Steam Early Access

  • Pick it up now for $9.99.
  • A story driven title with a focus on characters.
  • Development has been helped by SUDA51.


Developer Active Gaming Media have released their story-focused 3D action title Cowboy Yakuza on PC via Steam Early Access for $9.99. Interestingly, Cowboy Yakuza has been developed with partial support from industry veteran Goichi Suda, also known as SUDA51. Suda-sama brought his talented world-building and storytelling into development. Cowboy Yakuza is expected to see a full release sometime this Spring.

The story of Cowboy Yakuza follows Texas-born Cleveland “Cleve” Waingro and his adventures through late 80s Japan. The game takes place in the more rundown neighborhoods of Osaka, untouched by the Japanese economic bubble of the 80s, and it’s there that Cleve had been in hiding. While in hiding, he was living a peaceful life, but it doesn’t take long until he’s spotted by the local Yakuza. They begin to harass Cleve, to test their skills, and to forcefully recruit him into their ranks.

This situation leaves Cleve with decisions to make, one of which is to determine whether or not these Japanese gangsters are friends or foes. Follow Cleve as he ventures off into a path full of danger and blood. Right now the big focus is on characters, and the main for are described as follows:

  • Cleveland ‘Cleve’ Waingro: Cleve is a big ol’ mean black dude, born and raised in big ol’ mean Texas. He currently resides in Japan after scoring a totally meaningful and definitely not pointless job as an eikaiwa (“English conversation”) teacher in Osaka. Unfortunately, Cleve is forced to seek a new source of income after up losing his job through no fault of his own due to some pretty racist treatment at the hands of his employers
  • Vincent “Vince” Martinez: Vince is a quick talker. He’s not exactly built to resolve issues in a physical manner, so he relies on his resourcefulness and his ability to stretch truths to get what he wants or to extract himself from less-than-bitchin’ situations.
  • Ami Suda / 須田亜美: Ami is a Japanese woman working at Club Macao – which is managed by the Sawada Clan. While her official job title is “hostess”, her contract apparently failed to mention her secondary and tertiary duties, such as “loser therapist” and “ad hoc corpse removal specialist”, respectively. She is currently working for Matoba in order to pay off the serious debts she’s incurred.
  • Shinji Matoba / 的羽慎司: Matoba is no small-time thug. He has proven his worth as well as his badassery, and in the eyes of his boss – Dozono – is a valuable asset. If there’s a that job needs to be done, Matoba will get it DONE-done. He presents himself with an air of the utmost professionalism and confidence, something akin to a top-tier Bond villain. Despite missing his left eye, Matoba retains a polished handsomeness.

Despite the release being close, and the majority of the title being completed, they’ve decided to release this through Early Access in hopes of getting valuable user feedback on the gameplay, storylines, and balance. There are still a few bugs and limitations that will be addressed by the time the final game releases. The title currently does not have a publisher, but the developers are open for inquiries on potential publishers.

Are you excited for Cowboy Yakuza? Will you be picking it up? If you’ve gotten the chance to play it, would you recommend it? For other SUDA51 news, make sure to check out No More Heroes III. To stay up to date on Cowboy Yakuza, make sure to follow the developers on Twitter, Facebook, and their official website.