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‘Cube World’ Officially Set to Launch Within the Next Few Months

  • Cube World was infamous for its silence following a brief playable build in 2013.
  • The game suddenly reappeared last weekend with 16 minutes of new gameplay.
  • Cube World will be launching on Steam very soon.

After getting those sweet 16 minutes of fresh gameplay footage earlier this week, fans of Cube World are elated to see the game is finally on the horizon. Today, the developer tweeted out something that fans would have never believed just a short month ago:

So many people are cheering for this release, and it is well within their right to. It has been over six years since Cube World proper got an update, and this is going to be insane.

As anyone familiar with the rise of indie games in the early 2010s could tell you, Cube World was infamous. The game was visually similar to Minecraft, but it featured questing and adventuring instead of mining and crafting. Since the game’s alpha launch in 2013, there has been no updates to the client, but Wolfram has been quietly working on the game he loves. 

One major question many fans had was what would happen to those who bought the Alpha of the game back when it launched. Luckily, Wolfram von Funck is kind to those who wait.

That’s right. Even after all this time, around half a decade, Cube World is still yours. You bought back then, and you probably forgot about it. It languished, untouched and unfinished on your hard drive. So much time has passed, even those who bought it fear they may have to again, simply on account of having lost or forgotten the emails and passwords used to create Picroma accounts way back then.

You can add Cube World to your Steam Wishlist right here, and make sure to follow Wolfram and his wife Sarah on Twitter for new updates around the game!