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‘Dauntless’ Arriving on PS4, Xbox One, and the Epic Game Store Later This Month

  • Free to play monster hunting game Dauntless arrives on consoles next week.
  • Also arriving on the Epic Games Store.
  • Game totes robust hunting system, battle pass, and bi-weekly patches.

Dauntless, a free to play co-op monster hunting game currently available on PC, will be arriving on new platforms next week. The game is set to appear on Xbox and PlayStation on May 21st. The game will also be leaving it’s own launcher and will appear on the Epic Game Store. There are plans to incorporate cross platform play, but developers Phoenix Labs are still in negotiations with Sony to provide the service to PlayStation users. They also plan to release Switch and mobile versions of the game, which will also support crossplay.

Since the game’s open beta launch roughly a year ago, they have done a lot to make the game fun, and more importantly, free. There is a paid currency, which players spend on things like the battle pass, called the Hunt Pass, which is currently on it’s fourth season. The elite track costs 1,000 platinum, and players earn that platinum back for their efforts, while free players can earn 300 platinum just for leveling up the 50 tiers.

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  1. Fuzzybeard on May 14, 2019 at 5:22 am said

    Wait so another promising indie game is becoming a epic exclusive……. I was really looking forward to this game after trying to open beta. Yet another game on the ignore list until they come to steam and gog.

  2. Gonna try this on ps4.If it’s good it will keep me occupied until iceborne comes out.

  3. Any Epic Store exclusive is a good indicator which developers should be avoided.

    • I think for the large companies, you may be correct. But for the small and medium sized companies, what you said might not be. I game on Xbox, so I guess I don’t have a dog in this fight. I can, however, understand the frustration for PC gamers…

  4. So…I tried Monster Hunter World (my first MH game) and was thoroughly underwhelmed. I didn’t like anything about it, aside from the aesthetics. But this actually has me intrigued. The graphics obviously aren’t quite up to MHW levels, but the world looks beautiful, the characters interesting, and….well, bluntly, I don’t have to pay to buy, or even rent it.

    Also, my daughter, who is 6, loves open world games but there are scant few without the crazy violence and cursing. This looks like something an advanced gamer of her age might enjoy 🙂

  5. LateraluXs on May 15, 2019 at 10:50 pm said

    Yeah when I seen it here that it was coming to PS4 I said to myself that I was gonna check it out but now reading in a comment that it was going Epic exclusive it immediately went on my ignore list and that is how I will treat all games that go Epic exclusive. Sorry Tim and any publisher who pulls this snake move. I have so far treated every Epic exclusive so far and will conttinue to do so. If they go Epic exclusive then no matter what platform tthey release on I will not support them…… I have principles. Yeah I’ll pass on this one.

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