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‘Dead or Alive 6’ Gets Full Nudity Mod With Jiggle Physics

  • Not actually on NexusMods.
  • Compatible with duplicate characters.
  • Links to articles covering similar mods within.

The female fighters in the Dead or Alive series have never particularly worn a lot of clothes, but they were still too covered for modder SaafRats, who has created the first full-body nudity mod for Dead or Alive 6.

This mod uses “models made using original assets from the game,” whose bodies are “based on the original ones, with some minor customizations.”

Each girl has two costume slots, to allow for duplicate characters in the same match, and unlike the nude mods for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night and the Resident Evil 2 Remake, this one has fully functional jiggle physics.

This mod, unlike the others posted above, is not actually on NexusMods. Instead, you’ll need to make an account on LoversLab and search for SaafRats. You’ll also need a copy of Dead or Alive 6 for PC, of course.

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  1. abeautifulmaidenswhitebellybuttonfluff on July 25, 2019 at 9:12 am said

    Despite the tons and tons of DLC (costume/cosmetic) garbage the fighting itself is good … if only they had salvaged the online mode earlier – on top of that the DOAXV Volley ball game eats at it as well (has much more palyers).

    Either way pretty cool you guys cover what might be of interest to some/much of your audience – have personally tried the mod its a beauty to behold.

    Btw. it can also be tried/tested with the free version of the game – copy pasting stuff in the steam folder is pretty much everything it requires.

  2. Please, don’t turn into One Angry Gamer, I don’t want my gaming news filled with a bunch of nude mods and 18+ anime games being banned from steam.

    • You can go back to Kotaku or IGN, where boobies are yucky bad!

    • Darksounds on July 28, 2019 at 9:12 am said

      Please don’t turn into other game urnalists in feeling that if it doesn’t interest you there is no place for it. How bout if it doesn’t interest you, don’t click on it.

    • You’re in the wrong place, boy!
      Here lie only real men, with real beards and a full jug of beer!

    • opendedor454 on August 3, 2019 at 12:13 am said

      Type text here It won’t be flooded, in fact i’m glad they can put articles like this on here, they aren’t th pc people like kotaku, I wouldn’t want it flooded either, but I don’t want it censored.

  3. Thank you for sharing this news! Had no idea and will be downloading this tonight 🙂

  4. Ktotheswiss on July 26, 2019 at 5:11 am said

    Oh Phuck Yeah, lol.

  5. Hey, who doesn’t love jiggle physics?! A testament to modern technology.

  6. Splendid 🎊🎉

  7. Covering nude mods for DOA6? WTF I love exclusively games now

  8. I’m not exactly a big fan of DoA… well at least not gameplay-wise but I might check it out just for the raw art and bouncing twin peaks. Speaking of the bounce has anybody out here tried the mod yet? How smooth is the bounce? Is it realistic like how a real pair would bounce?

  9. Tom Da Bomb on July 29, 2019 at 9:10 am said

    a solid review of the info for the mod and game, and done without saying its good or bad which is nice

    now to be honest im not a fan myself of how the game has turned into a dating sim / booby viewing game, i always enjoyed the games fighting mechanics as it was great, the flow and feel of it and the dynamic of how certain moves dont have more benefit than others, cuz if someone uses the special grabs you can just punch, if they punch then you use the counter to block and attack back, if they just keep trying to block and counter your moves then you just special grab them, and so on so it was a well put together fighting game

    but now it feels like a ta-ta grab lol, or at least personally i dont like how they put so much emphasis on it and i like T and A as much as the next guy, and on top of that ppl seem to think its a Waifu game too? like c’mon ppl its not Anime just cuz its animated / animation, Anime is known as the Japanese version of animation they do and im not seeing any similarity with the art style, so it seems like a lot of ppl just auto assume anything animated and asian is supposed to be Anime xP wow

    of course it doesnt bother me if ppl enjoy their game like this, but it does kinda bug me even the devs decided that the game was a little more about the chars / ta-tas and less about the fighting, mainly cuz it worries me about its quality as a good fighting game

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