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‘Deadhaus Sonata’ Peeks From the Night

  • Recent updates shed light on environment design, weather, and voice modulation.
  • Deadhaus Sonata will let you play a number of monsters, fight the living.
  • From the creator of Legacy of Kain, Denis Dyack.

When I first heard about Deadhaus Sonata, I can admit I got pretty excited. An upcoming game from the creator of Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen, Denis Dyack, that’s a co-op RPG where we play as various creatures of the damned and take the fight to the living? Yes, please, I’m all about that. But after it popped up on my radar, it went by the wayside for a while. Major updates were few and far between, and with how fast the gaming world moves, it snuck back into the shadows. However, recent news proves it’s only been biding its time. Deadhaus Sonata creeps forth from the darkness to bare its fangs at the world of the living, and Denis Dyack and Apocalypse Studios have had quite a bit to talk about the last couple weeks. The first major news comes in the new developer update Deadhaus Sonata: Weather & Secrets.


Through the course of the video, Denis Dyack and Iain Stenhouse give us a bit of a rundown on aspects of the game they’re currently working on, such as the day/night cycles, weather, and their thoughts on Amazon Lumberyard, which is the engine they’re building the game on. Though clearly still in very early stages, the rainfall shown in the video is particularly beautiful, with an absolute downpour making the cobblestone streets glisten in the soft torchlight. The snow looks pretty impressive too, but I’d like to see it in just a bit of a deeper amount to get a real feel for if it’s actually a volumetric effect or if it just convincingly appears that way in the weather tests preview.


On top of those recent developments, it’s also been announced that Apocalypse Studios will be partnering with Modulate in an effort to give players a deeper immersion by allowing them to modify their voices in-game. This will be elaborated on further during a planned stream on October 31st at 6PM PDT on Apocalypse Studios’ official Twitch and YouTube channels.

Of everything they’ve covered over the last few updates, I think what has my attention the most is the desire by Dyack to integrate weather and time, not just to make the game feel more alive, but as additions to in-game puzzles similar to his earlier work. He called back to Legacy of Kain when certain areas could only be accessed at specific times of day, accompanied by gameplay that just brought back so many nostalgic feelings. You know, that’s something a lot of games don’t do anymore. When there’s an obstacle to pass, it’s always something solved with a key or a lever trick more often than not. I haven’t seen a game in a long time seeking to actively use time cycles and weather as part of the experience, instead of just atmosphere fluff.

As of yet, Deadhaus Sonata doesn’t have a set release date but it looks to be coming along. To stay up to date on Deadhaus Sonata, you can follow it at the official website and on Discord, as well as following Apocalypse Studios at their own site. You’d also do yourself a favor to check out Jack Lindsey’s coverage of Deadhaus Sonata from earlier this year. While it looks like there have been some changes since then, it gives a comprehensive look at what we can expect out of the game once it’s released.