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Demo Available for ‘Biomass’

  • Pick it up on the February 25th.
  • Interconnected layout for the worlds.
  • Plenty of weapons to use.


Developer Final Scene dev have recently released a rather large demo for their upcoming action RPG Biomass. This Star Wars-influenced side-scrolling title is expected to release on the 25th of February on PC via Steam. If you’d like to try out the demo, you’ll be able to find it here.

Biomass will have players trying to uncover secrets surrounding the sinking metropolis. This action RPG will have players clash their light sabers, I mean beam sabers, with enemies. You’ll also be able to use firearms to take them out, and you’ll be given choices that will affect your play through. You can choose to make alliances with other NPCs, or choose to trust no one and go at it alone. Whatever you decide, however, will bring its own consequences. The developers describe it as, knowing the nature of the world will allow players to shape it as they see fit.

This dynamic adventure has three handcrafted towers that are also separated by a flood, and they are what house the remnants of humanity, with a lighthouse that looms over it. Biomass takes takes the FromSoftware level design of interconnected layouts, and takes them to another level by connecting worlds. There are many factions that you’ll interact with, and each of them will have their own agenda they want accomplished.

  • Players will have to use their wits as they discover different traversal means within the Sinking City. There are more ways than one to get to where you need to be, and your actions will affect the people who live in these worlds and locations. There are multiple different types of weapons waiting to be discovered, and plenty of resources to aid you in accomplishing your goals. Overcome the obstacles as you make your way to the heart of the lighthouse. Other features are as follows:
  • A sprawling world to explore, where your action or inaction will create different events and outcomes in its areas.
  • A fast paced combat system offering a diverse set of approaches to fights – alternate between melee weapons mid combo, use beam weapons to parry or deflect other beam weapons, or specialize as a gunslinger and favor firearms, experiment with a variety of play styles in different situations.
  • Dynamic boss fights – every boss has a hidden phase that can be triggered if certain requirements are met, with their own distinct rewards. 
  • An expansive array of unique foes, that will demand a variety of skills to overcome. 
  • A lore rich world that will seem opaque and mysterious to newcomers, but those who delve deep into it will be able to piece together its secrets.

Have you been following Biomass? Will you be picking it up? For those who have played the demo, did you enjoy it? To stay up to date on Biomass, make sure to follow the developers on Twitter and Discord.