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‘Depth of Extinction’ Releasing in June

  • Pick it up on June 4th on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.
  • Will release on June 11th for PlayStation 4.
  • Already available on Steam.


Developer HOF Studios have announced that their previously released turn-based strategy RPG, with rogue-like elements, Depth of Extinction is now available for preorder on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. If you preorder before their 4th of June release dates, you’ll be able to get it at 10 percent off. The title will also release on PlayStation 4, but Sony owners will have to wait a little longer, until the 11th of June. Depth of Extinction originally released back in September of 2018 on PC via Steam. The title will have you explore the world in order to save humanity.

Depth of Extinction takes place in a flooded future, one that is filled with violence, and there are rumors of killing machines that have spread far and wide. Various factions have now begun to emerge, all of them fighting for power through violence, and you find yourself as the only defender of humanity’s last standing government. It’s up to you to create the ultimate squad, and give humanity a future worth having. When Depth of Extinction launched, the developers acknowledged that it had several issues. They have since released five major updates designed to directly address all of the feedback from the first set of reviews.

These updates have reduced the length of the title, to make it less of a grind. Stealth elements, enemy ambushes, and a new Saboteur class have been added and reworked. Players can freely switch between characters, there are more maps that will require a different set of tactics, and some of the overpowered skills and combos have been rebalanced. Players have received more weapons, different effects, and new death animations. For those who have had issues with the title’s difficulty, a casual mode was added, as well as controller support. Other features are as follows:

  • Explore a sunken world and build your own story 
  • Familiar tactical options with a few new twists including action refunds, stealth positioning and ambushes
  • Create the ultimate squad from 10 different character classes including the brand new SABOTEUR
  • Outfit your team with 115 different weapons, armor, and items
  • Fight 30+ unique enemies from 5 factions
  • Position your team and then get the kill with stealth

Are you excited for Depth of Extinction? What platform do you plan on picking it up on? For those who’ve played it on PC, would you recommend it? Why or why not? For other indie titles to keep an eye on, make sure to check out Frozen Flame, The Uncertain: Light at the End, and Partisans 1941. To stay up to date on Depth of Extinction, make sure to follow the developers on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and their official website.