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‘Destiny 2’ Players Uncover New Hidden Exotic Weapon Quest

  • New Exotic Weapon Quest.
  • Return of Secretive Destiny Exotic Weapon: Outbreak Prime.
  • New Exotic Ship Quest.
  • 2 More Weeks Worth of Secrets to Unlock.

Destiny 2 players have uncovered a new exotic weapon quest, and along with it an exotic weapon which is returning from Destiny. The questline, which starts on Titan, has players travelling around Earth and Nessus, all before returning to The Farm to meet with the allied Fallen captain Mithrax. Mithrax sends players into a 20-minute timed mission featuring heavy combat and platforming elements before fighting a boss to earn the weapon. Players have compared the mission to the Whisper of the Worm quest which came out prior to the Forsaken expansion. The weapon here is called Outbreak Perfected, but the weapon is clearly Outbreak Prime from Destiny: Rise of Iron.

The weapon also has a locked catalyst, which can be unlocked by completing a heroic version of the mission, which has a longer, less forgiving platforming section. If you talk to the Drifter after completing the heroic mission, he will give you some dialogue that also unlocks the Void Configuration quest. The secret Void Configuration quest is very difficult, but players have figured out how to solve it with a large community effort. Void Configuration is one third of a mission to repair an exotic ship, and also unlocks 33% of the Outbreak Perfected Catalyst. Currently, no one has been able to uncover the locations of the Solar and Arc Configuration quests, which are the final two pieces to the puzzle. Based on this, players have theorized that this quest will span at least two more weeks, with each week providing one of two undiscovered items.

This incredibly complex mission has ignited large amounts of community interest, which coincides with the expected release of Season of Opulence and the next Annual Pass, Penumbra, which players have theorized will release on the fourth of June. The theory is based on the start times for Season of the Forge and Season of the Drifter, as well as comments from Cozmo, the Destiny community manager. The date also coincides with the final day to preorder the Gambit Prime Jerseys, which you unlock by obtaining a full set of the corresponding armor in game and redeeming the provided code.

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