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‘Destiny 2’ Reintroduces Exotic Pulse Rifle Bad Juju

  • New quest launched alongside the Moments of Triumph event.
  • Quest is similar to previous secret exotic weapon quests, but is much easier.
  • Bad Juju is tied to the new Triumph Hall location.

Another Destiny 2 reset means another new exotic weapon, and players are happy that it isn’t another hand cannon.  The weapon was a fan favorite in Destiny, and when the Season of Opulence launched for Destiny 2 data miners found signs pointing to the weapon being introduced, but it was not official. Weeks passed, and nothing came out about the weapon. The Lumina was released, the Heroic Menagerie mode came out, and the Moments of Triumph were revealed, but no Bad Juju. Then, the day that the Moments of Triumph appeared, Guardians are told to go talk to Werner on Nessus for a new quest.

Speaking of this new quest, let’s briefly go over how to unlock the gun. First, you have to talk to Werner-99 on Nessus and pick up the initial quest. From there, it is not too difficult. You have to place 18 total Tribute Statutes in Calus’s Tribute Hall. 13 can be any of the statues available by unlocking triumphs, while five of them have to be five of the War Beast statues. Once you’ve placed all 18, including the five War Beasts, you will unlock a chest, which opens a portal to a new quest activity: The Other Side. This mission itself is wildly easy, especially when compared to the missions to unlock Outbreak Perfected and Whisper of the Worm. There is no time limit, and no fail state. Kill the boss at the end, get your gun.

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  1. SmilingLuke on July 10, 2019 at 5:27 am said

    This gun was awesome when I got it…5 years ago.

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