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Destiny 2: Season of Opulence Release Date and Raid Information Released

  • Season of Opulence will release June 4th.
  • The raid, Crown of Sorrow, opens four hours after the launch reset with a 715. Recommended Power for the first encounter.
  • Season of the Drifter bounties are capped at 700 power.

Bungie has announced the release information for the Season of Opulence, the third and final season for Destiny 2’s second year. Season of Opulence will release at the game reset on June 4th with the raid, Crown of Sorrows, releasing just four hours later.

This release comes with plenty of changes and reminders for players hoping to be the world’s first for completing the raid. Firstly, players will be locked out of the Last Wish and Scourge of the Past raids, preventing them from earning extra high-level rewards. On top of that, Bungie reminded players that the Season of the Drifter bounties are capped at 700 power, so stockpiling extra bounties won’t make much of a difference. Most importantly, Bungie is resetting players’ Prime Attunement. The Prime Attunement is what affects the number of Prime Engrams (loot drops with a higher power rating) that can drop for each day. The reset will put players back to earning two Prime Engrams, but they can build up attunement charges by playing throughout the season.

As was discussed when the annual pass was released, Season of Opulence and its content pack, Penumbra, are expected to be highly secretive. The plan seems to be simple: release content, and maybe give players a slight nod in the right direction if they struggle to find the secrets. What this means, no one is entirely sure. Bungie has said they will provide more information in the coming weeks, so we will have to keep a careful eye on their blog posts.