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‘Destroy All Humans!’ Remake Receives Special Editions

  • Two editions were announced: The Crypto-137 Edition and the DNA Collector’s Edition.
  • The Crypto Edition is $399.99 while the DNA Collector’s Edition is $149.99.
  • Some products are shared across the editions, while their main focus is unique.

As the release draws near, Destroy All Humans! is not only getting a remake, but two new Collecter’s Edition sets coming along with it. Two editions were announced, with two very different price points. The Crytpo-137 edition is $399.99, while the DNA Collector’s Edition is $149.99.

The more expensive Crypto-137 Edition, features two rather impressive Destroy All Humans! themed products. There is the almost two foot tall Crypto figurine and a Crypto backpack that you can wear. Comparatively, the DNA Collector’s Edition comes with a roughly nine inch tall “Crypto’N’Cow” figurine. Both of these sets also feature a copy of the game, a keychain, a Crypto Eye-popping stress toy, six lithographs, a premium box to fit each figurine, and all of the in-game skins. People can pre-order these sets now for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on the Destroy All Humans! website, along with the standard edition.

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  1. That backpack and statue look great, but holy hell, 400 bucks? That’s a whole new console right there.

  2. The backpack reminds me of the Cheap Trick stand from Jojo Part 4.

  3. ineedmoney on August 13, 2019 at 8:26 pm said

    The $400 dollar one seem cool. I would like a lot of those things but the price really hurts. Hell if you were to play ur cards right you could get an xbox one and ps4 for that price. I am curious to how many of those expensive box developers actually sell when games have them. Ive never been able to find number for just those expensive collecctor editions or whatever the companies call them.

  4. Price is definitelly ridiculous …but damn, I’m hyped for the game.

  5. I just want the 23″/60cm Crypto-137 Figurine along with the PS4 game lol.

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