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‘Disc Creatures’ Is Exactly What You Think It Is

  • Capture the early days of games like Pokemon.
  • Capture creatures like in Pokemon.
  • It’s basically a twist on Pokemon.


Pokemon Sword and Shield are just around the corner, and both games are already looking to be prematurely divisive among the Pokemon community. Depending on where and when you look, you’ll see the upcoming entries being either lauded as the next big thing or loathed as abandoning all that made the franchise special. It has been chaotic to watch for sure, but among the community throwing arguments at each other either in favor or against the games, I found something that our indie game fans may enjoy.

Disc Creatures looks like a clone of the early days of Pokemon, and I mean that as a praise, not an insult. Made by a single developer known as Satto, who runs Picorinne Soft and published by Dangen Entertainment the indie title is a callback to the Gameboy days of a number of monster-catching games. There are nods to Monster Rancher, Digimon, but the most prominent influence is definitely Pokemon. Playing as a ‘DiscKid’ you’ll take to the wilds basically downloading a copy of creatures onto a disc. I’m not exactly sure how that works, but I’ve also never understood how they manage to pocket giant creatures into pocket-sized Pokeballs so I’ll just chalk it up to fun and convenience and not worry about that too much.

The game features 8-bit-style music, simplistic pixelated visuals, and a dulled out color palette that was often seen in the early days of portable gaming. Described as a tribute to classic monster hunter RPGs, it looks like the game is ticking every single box on the nostalgia factor. It even has 200 creatures to collect spread across 20 hours of gameplay. Maybe Pokemon Sword and Shield should be watching out, after all, they may have some competition where they least expected it.

When I was a kid, I was really into games that had a lot of unique monsters. Monster-themed games came out one after another, and among these titles, a variety of interesting monsters were born. I was influenced by this and used to show off the monsters I thought up and drew on the edge of my notebook to my friends. Disc Creatures is a game I’ve made without forgetting the monsters that were born on the edge of that notebook. While searching for memories of games at that time, I made this game with a feeling of nostalgia myself. If you consider this is nostalgic as well, I ask you to play the game remembering a little about the old days.


It’s clear to see that Disc Creatures is a passion project with a lot of love poured into it. Currently, it holds a positive rating on Steam, but it’s so tucked away out of the open you’re unlikely to stumble upon it on your own. So if you’re a Pokemon fan who isn’t eager to jump on the train for Sword and Shield, maybe this is up your alley. Even if you are excited for the new games, maybe this will be something you’d like all the same. Will you be checking out Disc Creatures?