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Disney Looks Set to Sell off FoxNext, Abandoning In-House Game Development

  • FoxNext was originally the game development division of 21st Century Fox.
  • The studio was acquired as a part of this year’s acquisition by Disney.
  • Reports say that Disney CEO Bob Iger wants to abandon game development.

Disney looks to be abandoning in-house game development, if a source speaking to Bloomberg is to be believed. Disney recently got their hands on FoxNext through their acquisition of 21st Century Fox, and the studio is known for its free-to-play mobile titles. The game they are currently most focused on is Marvel Strike Force, but they are also in the midst of development of Alien and Avatar games.

Disney has an iffy history with video games, but they’ve always done O.K with licensing. Disney’s largest foray into in-house game development was the now defunct Disney Infinity, which was inspired by the Skylanders or Nintendo Amiibo model of mixing physical figures with digital gameplay. The game lasted for a good while, but ultimately was discontinued in 2016. Comparatively, games like Star Wars: Battlefront and Marvel’s Spider-Man have done quite well as licensed titles.

This does leave the state of FoxNext’s ventures in limbo. Marvel Strike Force has done rather well for Disney, and the upcoming Alien and Avatar games could also do well if they pick up enough traction. Will they still have the rights to developing these titles if they’re sold off, or will Disney force them to cancel or rework the projects into new IPs? Only time will tell.