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Dom Test Type 1/144 High Grade Rundown

Welcome Gunpla fans, both old and new!

Today, we’re going to be following up on our unboxing of the High Grade Dom Test Type 1/144 Origin MSD kit by having a look at how the kit looks when it’s built and detailed straight out of the box with a little extra effort. A quick word before we go on. The light box is back in operation, so moving forward things should be back to normal!

What that means in the context of this rundown is that the kit has been assembled, armed, and decorated using components only found in the box. There will be no other third-party applications in this rundown, nor will weapons or adornments found in other kits be used. The kit was removed from the frame by way of a God Hand nipper, and some additional clean up work has been done on the nub marks that may remain.

The reasoning behind this extra bit of work is A) it’s going into my personal collection and B)  I wish to present the kit to you in as plain a fashion as possible while putting in a little bit of effort so that we can avoid potentially misrepresenting it while also trying to show how the kit will look when constructed to completion with a tiny amount of extra detail. There are two color-correcting stickers in this kit. One for the mono-eye and the other for detailing the chest unit if you’re building the Ground Type of the suit. Anything else being used is purely adding more detail to the kit.

Straight away, you can see how all those dark colors play off the grey and off-white armor portions. The Test Type Dom has a fairly unique appearance, which is saying something when you consider how many Zeonic suits have strong similarities. The off-white leg armor takes a brown panel lining job quite well, but I personally found that to be a bit soft and instead opted for thicker and more consistent black lines to really make it pop. This goes for the dark armor too, as well as the grey areas. The black lines just add a bit more depth. Perhaps the worst thing about this kit is adding the detail stickers. They are almost all the white trim you can see above. Working those white detail stickers around the large curving surfaces was not fun at all and tested my patience in the extreme. But dammit, they do look good.

Despite its considerable bulk and general disproportionate body, what with the huge feet, flared armor, cinched waist, Zaku-esque torso, and whatnot, the Dom Test Type has a very impressive range of motion in pretty much every regard. But before we get on to that, I want to address those big feet. They look mad, sure, but those big flat feet give you an awful lot of space to balance the kit. This leaning forward pose while drawing the saber over the shoulder is something that’s typically reserved for an action base which would support the suit’s weight. But here? It just pulls that pose off effortlessly on the ground. Those big feet are a god-sent gift.

That aside, you can see how the inner workings of the shoulder all clear the chest unit easily, making arm articulation something you never need to worry about. You’ll get a very easy 180° bend at the elbow with no effort at all, and a bend at the knee that will exceed 90°, but the skirt armor and huge flared armor panels will stop it going much further unless you bring the knee up in front of the suit before the bend. An excellent abdominal crunch lets you bring all that arm and leg articulation into effect for some surprisingly dynamic poses. Like with most Doms, the action base is your friend, but this kit is extremely capable on solid ground. Much more so than I had anticipated, if I’m being honest.

Frankly speaking, the Dom Test Type is a kit that I went into with no huge expectations. But as I started to fiddle around with it during the build process, I got more and more invested in it, eventually deciding to go all in with nub removal and sticker detailing while adding extra panel lining. It’s very cheap, but very capable, packing a ton of articulation into a chunky frame while also including one of the coolest Beam Bazookas that I’ve ever seen. I mean, look at the size of that thing. It’s ridiculous, and I love it. There are a lot of Origin kits and Origin MSD kits out there, and there are likely more on the way. But as it stands, the Test Type Dom is well and truly worth your time and your money. I would strongly recommend this kit to anyone who has a soft spot in their heart for Gundam The Origin.