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‘DOOM Eternal’ Battlemode Finally Shown Off

  • 12 minutes of gameplay.
  • Asymmetric PVP on display.
  • The Mancubus has some speed on them now.

While DOOM Eternal is set to bring in many welcome changes to make players feel like the ultimate hell-slaughtering warrior they’ve always strived to be in the DOOM franchise, there are some changes that people have been a bit more iffy about. While some of these concerns have been put to bed, such as worries that the Doom Slayer’s hub (the not so subtley named Fortress of Doom) would be an unneeded slowdown after it was revealed that it has its own worthwhile content to experience, other concerns linger.

Chief among them was in regards to DOOM Eternal’s new approach to multiplayer. In DOOM (2016) it should be noted that the multiplayer was as basic as it gets. It wasn’t bad; it was actually a great take on the fast-paced arena shooters of yesteryear that I argue outpaces what Quake Champions has tried to do in the time since. That being said, it quickly fell off the radar for most players, leaving only a small dedicated following. To this day, you can still hop into a match, but if you don’t have at least 20 hours under your belt, you’re going to either be slaughtered by the enemy or carried by your allies.

In DOOM Eternal, the traditional multiplayer approach was thrown out in favor of the new Battlemode, a three player asymmetrical approach to PVP where two players take on the roles of demons (who can also summon non-player demons to their side) versus one player as the Doom Slayer. The idea alone reminds me of this infamous line:


Jokes aside, it left many wondering just how would it play out. If the demons are too powerful, the Doom Slayer player won’t have fun. On the other hand if the demons are too weak, then the demon players aren’t going to have fun. After a long wait we finally get our first look at a full match of Battlemode as IGN’s James Duggan and DOOM Eternal’s Hugo Martin sit down and discuss the mode, and its accompanied by in match footage that honestly looks pretty awesome.


The video sheds a lot of light on the mode as a whole as the discussion goes back and forth, but the main draw is the footage of the full match shown from various perspectives. The Doom Slayer is as powerful as ever, but the demons have a lot of tools at their disposal. It’s a matter of brains vs brawn, where the Doom Slayer is a walking one-man army but the demons have the literal legions of Hell at their disposal as well as the advantage of being able to split their assaults from different angles. Watching it in progress it looks like it’s fun for everyone involved.

The question is, will it retain players more efficiently than traditional multiplayer? Or will this be something that players play with their friends a few times and then set aside? Personally, though it looks like a great time it also seems like a novelty mode where the luster is going to wear off rather quickly. Based on the footage, what do you think of DOOM Eternal’s new PVP mode? Hot or not? Let us know down below.