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‘Dota Underlords’ Reveals the Proto-Pass

  • The Proto-Pass is a testing phase with free, unlockable rewards for all players.
  • Rewards include banners, standards, portrait rings, and a new board.
  • Feedback is being heavily requested.

Dota Underlords is going strong, and now the developers have put out a new update introducing what they call the “Proto-Pass.” The system is a regular battle pass, but currently it does not have different tracks or any paid functionality. Rewards for the Proto-Pass include things like a new board: the vibrant Path to Sunbreeze, new banners, standards, emotes, fireworks, respawn effects, win streak effects, and portrait rings.

To level up the Proto-Pass, players can complete daily challenges and play games. Right now, the only game modes that can net players experience towards the pass are Hardcore Bot games and Multiplayer games. Lower difficulty Bot games will not earn you experience.

Leveling will net you a wide variety of, presumably, exclusive rewards. Some of these rewards include the new barrel-themed Bootlegger respawn effect or the pixelated “Beep Boop” win streak effect. There are also a few new emotes, so players can say things other than “Yo.” These emotes, referred to as “Yos,” now include things like “Ow,” “Oi,” and even just a chili pepper, and this leaves open a wide variety of things that could be added in the future with another battle pass.

Speaking of adding things in the future, one of the biggest things being pushed about the Proto-Pass is the desire for player feedback. If you have an idea for a reward, a challenge, something else to customize, do not hesitate to tell the team. If you think that the pass levels up too slowly, too quickly, or even the right amount, tell the team. There are so many facets of this system, and all of them can be improved through player feedback.

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  1. Randy Kent on July 15, 2019 at 4:42 pm said

    Don’t care about this shit. Valve needs to work on something that isn’t a bandwagon piece.

  2. Henry Phillips on July 19, 2019 at 1:40 am said

    Type text here…I think this is cool and all but I would prefer more heroes added.

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