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‘Dreamscaper’ Releasing This Summer

  • Pick it up through Steam Early Access.
  • A fantasy action rogue-like with mechanics from different genres.
  • Skilled players will see the most rewards.


Developer Afterburner Studios with publisher Maple Whispering Limited will release their upcoming action fantasy rogue-like Dreamscaper on PC via Steam Early Access sometime this summer. Players will dream, die, wake, and repeat as the title aims to provide plenty of replay value. The developers describe the title as an inspired ARPG with modernized hack and slash mechanics, while also fixating on lucid dreaming. Players will warp the dreamscape around you in order to battle a nightmarish depression. There is a prologue chapter you can play for free, which you can find here on Steam.

Dreamscaper combines elements from brawlers, mechanics from top-down shooters, and the challenges of dungeon crawlers. Every slumber becomes a different dungeon, and this is a world that is constantly changing, with their being a multitude of different events and challenges available. Players are placed in the role of Cassidy, and you’ll need to dive deep into her subconscious in order to take on the surreal nightmares that plague her. This is the only way to save her from her dark fate. The combat system is described as rich and expansive, one that will reward skilled players. It’s up to you to use careful positioning, work on your timing, and have quick reflexes in order to defeat enemies. Other features are as follows:

  • Lean into the nightmares and make the rush of permadeath your ally.
  • Use lucid powers to manipulate the elements, warp space, and even control time itself.
  • Battle bosses that embody Isolation, Fear, Negativity, Loss and more.
  • Upgrade a multitude of surreal items and discover powerful artifacts.
  • Live Cassidy’s waking life and uncover the mystery of her story.

Are you excited for Dreamscaper? Will you be picking it up? If so, what about the title catches your interest? For those who aren’t sold on it, why is that? For other indie titles to keep an eye on, make sure to check out Frozen Flame, The Uncertain: Light at the End, and Partisans 1941. To stay up to date on Dreamscaper, make sure to follow the developers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Discord, Twitch, and their official website.