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‘Dwarf Fortress’ Gets Graphics Upgrade For Steam

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  • ‘Dwarf Fortress’ coming to Steam and
  • Complete graphics overhaul
  • Developer calls Patreon “uncertain”

Procedurally generated world simulator Dwarf Fortress will release on both Steam and later this year. The retail version will have all new graphics and updated music. At this time, it is expected to cost $20, but Dwarf Fortress Classic will remain free-to-play on the Bay 12 web page.

Tarn Adams, one of the two designers of Dwarf Fortress, recently announced this update through his Patreon. He explained that the decision to move to Steam primarily came from health concerns over his older brother and co-designer, Zach Adams. It is their hope that Steam sales will bring additional stability to the crowdfunding income that pays for Zach’s medicine.

The new graphics, seen in the very brief trailer below, were made possible through a partnership with a small indie studio in Montreal, Kitfox Games.


Kitfox made the nature of this partnership very clear, saying that they have “no access to the source code, and will have no influence on the design, programming, or updates to Dwarf Fortress.” According to the FAQ, Kitfox is onboard “to help with marketing, Steam/ logistics, and paying for other needs like artist contracts, music, PAX booths, etc.”

In this same FAQ, under the question asking why Dwarf Fortress is coming to Steam and, the “uncertain structure of Patreon” was mentioned. Additionally, this link was provided, which leads to a story from January that talks about the tenuous nature of the content subscription service, as well as Sam Harris deleting his own Patreon account.

If you like dwarves and are interested in games that have been called harder than Dark Souls, you can keep an eye on the coming update through Steam and

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  1. Nice. Although I’d rather have a more humane UI.

    • Type text here…I think this will be slightly improved by modders soon. As it is finally getting a full mod suit.

      However he has also said he will do it in time.

      • Wow it didn’t auto delete the “Type text here….” We really need that Dissenter plugin. I hope they decide to go with it.

  2. Wow, great article.

    Dwarf Fotress is one of those games that deserves more attention as a technical marvel. It’s the massive openworld sim that marries the illusionary mass-scale infinite galaxy like Braben’s Elite with the intense self building generating nature of Sid Meyer’s Sim City.

    Not only does it marry these concepts very well, it does it all to an enriched depth that you can lose yourself in.

    If ever there was a game that you enjoy throwing away the instructions to autistically throw yourself into, this is it. It’s a journey of unfolding layers that seem to never end.

    It’s a technical marvel & could be the new Minecraft depending which direction they choose to take it

  3. Just started playing this game with PeridexisErrant’s DF Starter Pack, but very excited for this Steam version as well!

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