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‘Dying Light’ Introduces a New Difficulty

  • For those who thought Dying Light was too hard.
  • Or for those who are trying play catch-up before Dying Light 2.
  • Free updates are always a good thing, and Dying Light has had plenty of them.

So here we are, months away from the release of Dying Light 2. Everyone who’s played the original Dying Light has mostly gotten their main mileage out of it, although it’s always fun to give one of the best zombie games of the last decade a playthrough now and then. But, perhaps you missed the train the first time it rolled into the station. Maybe you had fatigue of zombie media, or just weren’t that interested in Dying Light when it first came out. Or, maybe you just found it too difficult. I mean, we’ve have confirmed the existence of at least one person who had trouble with Cuphead’s tutorial so if they ever got around to playing Dying Light I’m sure they would need that helping hand right?

Whether you’re strapped for time or just found the original game too hard, if you want to beat Dying Light without worrying about such pesky consequences as death and difficulty then you’ll be happy to learn that the latest free update for Dying Light has introduced a new difficulty mode just called Story Mode. Story Mode tweaks the game to a point where you’d have to actually try to die if you wanted to, basically making you a superhero from the start. You can find the specific changes listed below:

  • Decreased damage dealt by zombies by 25%
  • Increased damage dealt by player by 50-100%
  • Decreased fall damage by 50%
  • Normal attacks use 25% less stamina
  • Charged attacks use 50% less stamina
  • Medkits are twice as effective
  • Player loses 50% less experience points upon death
  • Days are longer by 25%
  • Nights are shorter by 25%
  • Traders pay 20% more for player’s items
  • Player earns 50% less Legend experience
  • Airdrops remain on the map twice as long

The patch also includes some tweaks to existing items, and new additions which you can find in full at this link. Earlier jokes aside, the addition of a Story Mode difficulty is a good addition for those who need to catch up or perhaps just want a refresher playthrough for the main plot points. If you’ve never played it before, you can get the 5th Anniversary Enhanced Edition for $19.99. The bundle includes Dying Light: Enhanced Edition (which includes the full length expansion The Following) as well as the Dying Light: Harran Ranger pack. If you do decide to hop into Dying Light for your first time, take it from the rest of the player base when they say, “goodnight, and good luck.”