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EA’s Project Atlas Streaming Service Enters Closed Testing

  • Limited test pool from EA Community Test members.
  • Four games with synced game progression will be available.
  • The window for a full release is still completely unknown.

Last night was an exciting time for a select few who are signed up for EA’s Community Playtesting service. Out of nowhere, EA released a test for Project Atlas. If you have no idea what that is, I don’t blame you. Project Atlas is EA’s streaming service that was announced in a blog post back in 2018, and its been almost a year since then.

The test includes four games: FIFA 19, Need for Speed Rivals, Unravel, and Titanfall 2. Each game is available to anyone who was given access to the test, and if testers own any of these games on Origin, progress is shared and the servers themselves are shared, allowing for testers to play with non-testing Origin users.

An interesting thing that EA has done with Project Atlas is the usage of Amazon Web Services. EA believes that, by implementing AWS and the “public cloud,” the servers running the games will be closer to the user playing them. The idea is that this could improve reliability and reduce latency.

Currently, there is no known launch window for EA’s mysterious Project Atlas. If anyone is playing it, they likely had to sign non-disclosure agreements about it to get their hands on it, so we probably won’t hear about it for a long while.