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‘Electronic Super Joy 2’ Has Arrived For Free on Steam

  • The game is available for free.
  • Users can pay $12.99 to purchase the Gold Edition to help support the artists and developers.
  • Those who own other Electronic Super Joy games received a coupon for 33% off.

After all this waiting, all of this time eagerly awaiting the sick beats and awkwardly loud moaning sounds, it has arrived. Electronic Super Joy 2 has been released on Steam. The game, on top of being full of new content that fans will enjoy, is also completely free. You heard that right, Electronic Super Joy 2 is available right now on Steam, for zero dollars and zero cents. 

Of course, if you’d love to help support the game, there is the Gold Edition. This $12.99 DLC adds three new levels, a boss battle, a new ability to help you finish those levels, and a wealth of behind the scenes content. All of this is available for less than $15, and if you own Electronic Super Joy and/or Electronic Super Joy; Groove City, you’ll have noticed a coupon for 33% off of the Gold Edition, lowering the price below $10!

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