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‘Endzone: A World Apart’ Focuses on Life After Nuclear Devastation

  • Lead a group of survivors from rags, to better rags.
  • It’s a city building game with an apocalyptic coat of paint.
  • Just because the world ended, doesn’t mean life stops.

The prospect of nuclear annihilation used to be a very real fear throughout the world, and from that fear, we obtained some of the best forms of media. Books, movies, eventually video games like Fallout and Wasteland. For some reason human fears inspire some of our best content, and hopefully Endzone: A World Apart from Gentlymad Studios and Assemble Entertainment will earn its place among the radioactive hall of nuclear apocalypse games.


The premise of Endzone: A World Apart is a particularly bleak one. Rather than governments nuking each other into oblivion,  a terrorist organization conducted a worldwide attack on nuclear power plants around the world where the initial attacks while devastating were quickly shadowed by a global nuclear fallout. Many died, while others escaped into special facilities know as the Endzones (not unlike the concepts of Vaults in Fallout, or the modern-day fallout shelters geared towards a long term survival). 150 years later humanity is able to have a fighting chance back above ground, albeit its a much more dangerous world than before the disaster. The trailer goes pretty in-depth with many of the details, but here are the features from the Steam Page of what players can look forward to:

  • Build a settlement on the hostile surface of the earth with over 30 different buildings and take care of your men, women and children.
  • Gather & refine many different resources and manage your economy by building an efficient infrastructure with streets and depositories.
  • Experience dynamically simulated, believable environments! Every ground cell in the game has its own humidity and radiation values.
  • Survive in a world of constant threats including radioactively contaminated ground, droughts, toxic rain and sandstorms.
  • Send expeditions to forgotten places and make meaningful decisions that change the fate of your people.

They also speak of more features to come during its Early Access cycle. Endzone: A World Apart will enter Steam’s Early Access program sometime in Spring 2020 and will be available in both a $20.99 Standard Edition and a $30.99 Supporter Edition. You can pre-order now on the official site, or wait for pre-orders to go live on Steam.

It looks pretty interesting, it reminds me of a mesh between games like Banished and Frostpunk while sprinkling in aspects of Wasteland. While it’s primarily a post-apocalyptic city builder, the prospect of exploring the shattered remains of the old world for supplies and lost fragments of the past could be an awesome edition of done properly. If it’s just an automated sequence it may lose some of that luster, but when the steam page describes it as tieing to “meaningful decisions that change the fate of your people” I have to say I’m intrigued.


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