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Epic Game Store Releases Limited Cloud Saves

  • Around a dozen games are supported.
  • Ubisoft Titles used Uplay Integration to enable cloud saves.
  • Many of the supported games have previously been free deals.

Epic has finally begun rolling out proper cloud saves for some of its titles. 17 games have cloud saves enabled at this time, including the current free games, Mutant Year Zero and Hyper Light Drifter.

Cloud saving has been something that fans and detractors alike have called out as a weakness of the Epic Game Store. The platform lacked cloud saves at launch, a major loss against its biggest competitor: Valve’s Steam platform. Despite this, some games have supported cloud saves since they first appeared in the store. Thanks to Uplay integration, every Ubisoft game supports cloud saves, in a manner of speaking. The game requires Uplay to run, and the saves move through Uplay rather than the Epic Game Store.

The available games are all conveniently also games that have been previously available for free through Epic’s limited offers. These games rotate rather often, and likely were both offered for free and integrated cloud saving because of an agreement with Epic in regards to their storefront.

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  1. Epix StoreFront is less than barebones as the so-called “roadmap” is useless and it has about as many features as the game Anthem has players at this moment.

    Spending money with Epic is like throwing it away as there isn’t is full preloading across the whole store’s games.

    Cloud saves are only on the very latest games mainly the two free games “Mutant Year Zero and Hyper Light Drifter” and Ubisoft via Uplay.

    This is no storefront any self-respecting gamer would use as its nowhere useable and not consumer-friendly as the prices are the same as Steam but with zero features

  2. so pretty much still nothing…

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