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Epic Games is Facing a Class Action Lawsuit Over a 2018 Account Breach

  • Back in January, Epic alerted people to a Fortnite bug that involved a security breach.
  • The lawsuit alleges that Epic neglected to notify users who may have been breached.
  • It is unknown how many accounts were breached and how many people could join the suit.

It seems that suing game companies over serious problems has become all the rage recently. First, Nintendo was hit with a class action suit about Joy Con drift, and now Epic Games is getting hit with a class action suit over a security breach from the end of 2018-beginning of 2019. The issue was first reported on in January, where a vulnerability allowed malicious actors to send a link to whoever they pleased in order to access their complete Fortnite login information without having to log in. This vulnerability was first reported to Epic by Check Point, a cybersecurity firm, in November of 2018. 

Epic fixed the issue with little fanfare, and that is part of the problem. The suit says that Epic failed to notify affected users, saying “Epic Games has not yet directly informed or notified individual Fortnite users that their [information] may be compromised as a result of the breach.” The company behind the suit is Franklin D. Azar & Associates, who say to contact them immediately if you believe your account was compromised. 

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  1. An excellent year to join and install GoG if you haven’t yet.

  2. So ive been thoroughly searching and I cant find how to join the class action. I feel like every person with an epic games account should be able to join all I can find are articles about the lawsuit no actual page to join said shit. The more people who come forward that they have been affected, whether directly or fear of future reprecussions, the better the chance in success. This may make epic be better in the long run. Though thats doubtful.

  3. WELLLLLL…… I’m glad I uninstalled the EGS before that.

  4. luizamejia35 on August 12, 2019 at 12:24 am said

    I’m just here using Steam like, “I’m glad I’m not those guys.”

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