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Epic Games Store Locks Down ‘Tetris Effect’

  • If you want it, you’ll have to use the Epic Store.
  • Unlocked resolution and uncapped framerate (with Vsync disabled).
  • Compatible with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.


Originally released exclusively for the PS4 in November of last year, Tetris Effect will be coming to PC as an Epic Store exclusive on July 23rd. Publisher Enhance was so excited to share the news that they made the trailer above in celebration. The like-to-dislike ratio that the trailer received did not reflect that excitement, however, and is currently one like to every four dislikes at the time of this writing.

The developers describe Tetris Effect as:

Tetris like you’ve never seen it, or heard it, or felt it before—an incredibly addictive, unique, and breathtakingly gorgeous reinvention of one of the most popular puzzle games of all time, from the people who brought you the award-winning Rez Infinite and legendary puzzle game Lumines. Fully playable on either a standard display—with unlocked resolution and uncapped framerate (with Vsync disabled)—or optionally in mind-blowing 3D on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Some of the top comments under the trailer–that haven’t been removed yet–are as follows:

This is the game I’ll pay with full price, but EPIC store? I’ll pass even it’s free.

Wonderful news guys…. Tim Sweeney just paid for all our copies

Was super hyped, until I saw the end of the trailer and it said epic games store. Oh well, guess I’ll play Tetris 99.


Neat game, I look forward to finding it on Steam or GoG someday for like $2

I’ll wait for Steam release thank you very much

bad decision to release it only @ EGS. i will wait until you drop it on steam or gog

Arthur Feital
Thank you uncle Sweeney! You just saved me $40!

I wanted this when I first saw it announced for PS4. Now I don’t care about it at all 🙂