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ESA Accidentally Leaks Information of 2,000 YouTubers, Journalists, Analysts and More from E3

  • The leak affected people who had Press Badges to attend E3 2019.
  • The spreadsheet that was leaked was one that exhibitors used to contact members of the media.
  • It is unsure how many people access the spreadsheet of information in the short window it was available.

A massive data breach has occurred through the ESA’s E3 website. The data leak affected around 2,000 YouTubers, journalists, investors, and analysts. Anyone who had a “Press Badge,” which provides early access to the show floor in many cases, was listed in a spreadsheet that was traditionally only accessible by Exhibitors, who would use the data to contact people to come see special closed-door demos or send them special gear ahead of the show. The data contained included names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, and much more.

No one is sure how many people got access to the file, which was easily accessible from a drop-down menu on the site’s homepage, and has since been removed. The most concerning report about this data breach is that no one is entirely sure how long the information was available. The person who first alerted the public to the situation, YouTube Journalist Sophia Narwitz, was contacted about the leak and only posted her video discussing the situation after the ESA had removed the link from their live site. However, for a brief period after this, the file was still available through a cached version of the site. 

This breach has many people generally concerned about their privacy when it comes to the ESA and E3 or E3 adjacent events. While this year’s expo is over, the 2020 expo, which will almost certainly have a lot of new information and game offerings for both the Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5, will likely have even more people who are trying to get their hands on Press Badges to cover the new consoles and whatever games are coming to them.

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  1. The ESA’s incompetence is absurd. Now when even the journos are afraid to go there the entire event will have even less influence. That being said it could be more bearable with fewer of the paid shills attending.

  2. Francisco on August 4, 2019 at 3:54 pm said

    I hope everyone affected sues the crap out of this lootboxes’ lobbyists

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