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‘EVE’ Online’ To Console Your Loss

  • CCP Games to introduce a grief counseling program to ‘EVE Online’.
  • Program will walk new players through the loss of their first ship.
  • Program will be an attempt to educate new players, and retain them.


EVE Online has built itself on a foundation that the strong survive, and the weak exist only as long as the strong allow it. Okay okay, it’s not quite that brutal, but it is a very difficult game for new players to get into. Thousands of players give the game a try each year, and of them only a small percentage stick around longer than a week. But why? Well, EVE is often a winner-take-all experience, and if you’re ever the loser, you can lose it all. CCP Games knows that’s the nature of the sci-fi beast they lead, and part of the charm of why it’s survived since 2003. But CCP Games also knows that more players are a good thing, and they’ve been brainstorming ideas to retain a larger number of new players.

CCP Games is developing the means to integrate a literal grief counseling program into EVE Online, specifically for these new players. The idea is that once the program is available, when a player loses a new ship they’ll be directly contacted by an in-game moderator. The moderator will be tasked with explaining to a new player exactly what happened, whether it’s their fault or not, and then ease them back into the game from there; sometimes even with a replacement ship. The program won’t always have a human touch, eventually they’d like to compile enough data to just make it a quick, painless automatic process to teach new players more quickly.

They want death to remain a big deal in the context of the game, because high risks make high rewards feel all the more valuable, and the experience feel more real. They also want to give new players a leg up so they aren’t just bumbling around in space, or get frustrated and quit before really experiencing the game. They want to give new players a helping hand when their first in-game tragedy befalls them.

The announcement came during a three-hour fireside chat, along with other topics, and if you look at the comments section on the video in particular, you’ll see the fanbase appears to have quite a mixed reaction to it. What do you think of CCP Games idea? Will it help retain players? Or will this cause a further divide between the new players and the old players? The grief counseling program, which lacks any formal name at the moment, is set to roll out sometime in future months.

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  1. Well, I guess I’m going to be that asshole who says this may be the Dark Souls of counseling programs.

  2. WAIT…no, could this be… A GIT GUD PROGRAM IN EVE

  3. Quick, someone do a “stages of grief” chart with all the arrows leading to “git gud.”

  4. The problem with the game isn’t the unforgiving gameplay. It’s the fact that the line that separates complex from complicated is crossed too deeply.

  5. Type text here..I suppose we need to start handing out stars for everyone too and ccp might need to open up a fully no kill zone for the cry babies..

  6. ROFL!

    New player starts EVE–> New player enjoys bumbling around in space–> new player gets excited at the prospect of buying that cool new bote they wanted to fly–> new player over estimated themselves and their new bote and flew it into a meat grinder–> CCP contacts new player to apologize and inform them they need to get gud and reason x1 x2 x3 is why they no longer have their cool new toy bote.

  7. snowflakes

  8. This is the best idea ever.

    I would very much like new idiots to hold ransom or blow up in EVE, and the way that EVE is now, the game weeds out a majority of the REALLY dumb people with that first ship loss.

    Nothing quite like catering to the lowest common denominator.

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