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‘Ever Forward’ Releasing in June 

  • Will arrive on Steam.
  • Has been in development for four years.
  • Protagonist Maya has seen plenty of redesigns.


Developer Pathea Games has announced that their upcoming 3D indie strategy casual adventure puzzle title Ever Forward is expected to release sometime this June on PC via Steam. The title follows a girl that is trapped in a strange world, one that sits between reality and imagination. Ever Forward began its development four years ago, though this current build formed two years ago. During its development, playable protagonist Maya has gone through significant changes, especially from 2017 to now. You can read all about these changes in their developer updates here.

Ever Forward looks to provide players with a story-focused experience. Follow Maya as she’s left alone to confront her despair on her journey of discovery. Maya must unlock her memories, confront her fears, and reveal the secrets of the world. Ever Forward requires players to use their observational skills and intelligence in order to solve multiple challenging puzzles. Over the course of your journey, as puzzles start to be completed, you’ll be able to piece together the mystery of Maya’s past. The dark secrets that she’s buried will also be unearthed, revealing more to the player. Other features are as follows:

  • For more than three years, our designers racked their brains, designing puzzles with the “puzzle gamer” in mind. 
  • Players will feel deeply challenged and motivated to solve each puzzle, and some puzzles have multiple ways of being completed to fit different kinds of thinkers and logical processes.
  • A color pallet of soothing pastels and futuristic tones designed to simulate the absurd nature of the dream world.
  • Players can collect fragments of memories in the world to unlock new areas and new puzzles.
  • Mechanics range from simple movement and jump to teleportation and gravity control. 
  • The player must use stealth and observational skills to navigate each puzzle.

Ever Forward originally was titled Protoform, and the initial goal was to create a title that focused purely on puzzles. Since its inception, a vast majority of time and detail has been placed on the puzzles, with the intent to create some of the best in the genre. Puzzles were designed to first feel good to the team, different from other entries in the genre, and different from what was already available. Ever Forward was chosen as the title, as it represents the character moving forward through her journey in this simulated world, as well as the journey of the development team moving forward in their dreams.

Are you excited for Ever Forward? Which look of Maya do you prefer? When the title launches, do you plan on picking it up? What are some of the best puzzle titles available? For other indie titles to keep an eye on, make sure to check out Zengeon, Skully, and Fallout 76. To stay up to date on Ever Forward, make sure to follow the developers on Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, and their official website.