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‘Fallen Order’ Included in Two New Xbox One Bundles

  • 1TB Xbox One S and Xbox One X Bundles.
  • $299.99 and $499.99 respectively.
  • Limited Edition Controller also available for pre-order.


There are two things absolutely guaranteed to happen during the holiday shopping season. There are going to be crowds of people mauling each other during the early morning hours of Black Friday, only hours after their Thanksgiving family gatherings have come to a close is something guaranteed to happen. Something they’ll be fighting over is another guarantee, and that’s the best video game deals they can get in an effort to stuff stockings and fill gift boxes.

Microsoft and EA are coming together to bring the gaming world two new Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Xbox One bundles that will launch next month on November 15th. The 1TB Xbox One S bundle will be available with a $299.99 price tag, while the 1TB Xbox One X bundle will have cost $499.99. Both of these bundles include their respective consoles, a controller, a digital copy of the game, and several one-month subscriptions to various programs available through Xbox Live.

The version of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will be the Deluxe Edition which includes the following:

  • BD-1 Cosmetic Skin.
  • Stinger Mantis Cosmetic Skin.
  • Digital Art Book.
  • 90 minutes worth of behind-the-scenes content.

According to the Amazon listing, it will also include the following as pre-order bonuses for the bundles:

  • Orange Lightsaber Color.
  • BD-1 Cosmetic Skin.
  • Mygeeto Campaign Lightsaber Hilt.
  • Umbaran Campaign Lightsaber Hilt.
  • Both Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic games.

Both bundles are available for pre-order now from multiple retailers including Amazon. In addition to the new bundles, a new limited edition controller for Xbox One and Windows platforms is available for pre-order now based on the coloration and design of the ominous Purge Troopers that will be featured in the game. Featuring a black and red coloration and sporting the emblem of the Galactic Empire, this wireless controller comes bundled with a charging stand that stays true to the Star Wars theme with a similar design. The bundle will launch with a price tag of $139.99 and will release on October 25th, a few weeks before Fallen Order releases. You can pre-order now at various retailers including Amazon.

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order has been slowly picking up pace since its announcement, with more cinematics and gameplay trickling out in recent months. The most recent trailer showed more insight into the narrative, with Cal Kestis being pursued by an Imperial Inquisitor, Second Sister, who looks to potentially be a return to form for the type of villain we expect from the Sith. The more recent showing of gameplay also appeared much more fast-paced than its initial reveal at E3 2019, which Jack Lindsey described as spectacularly average

The new controller and these new bundles just in time for the holiday season show a lot of company confidence in their product, and while everyone is desperate for a good new Star Wars game, EA’s stumbles and downright faceplants in the last couple years have not exactly caused a growth in consumer confidence. The failings of Anthem and the incredibly rough launch of Star Wars: Battlefront II are still fresh in everyone’s mind, after all. 

The question that remains is: will the Force be with Fallen Order, or will it succumb to the dark side that is EA’s track record? Hopefully, with Respawn Entertainment developing it, we have nothing to worry about as Titanfall 2’s campaign was incredibly fun, and the shortcomings of that title had almost everything to do with EA’s lack of a cohesive marketing campaign. Are you excited for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order? Do you have a Star Wars fan in your family that these bundles would be good for? Let us know down below.