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Fallout Wasteland Warfare: The Raiders, Faction Overview

Back in August of 2018, Modiphius Entertainment did what no other company had been able to do. They brought Fallout to the tabletop. Fallout Wasteland Warfare is a 32mm Skirmish War Game that’s set in the post-war ruins of America, and further afield if you’re particularly creative. When the game launched, it came with three playable factions which drew on the most recognizable groups from the modern Fallout setting, you got The Survivors, The Brotherhood of Steel, and Super Mutants.

The Survivors are a ragtag band of normal people, just trying to make their way through life in the wasteland with some occasional help from The Minutemen, who serve as a sort of sub-faction. The Brotherhood of Steel bring Maxon’s dogmatic soldiers to the field, with advanced training, weapons and power armor aplenty. The Super Mutants are a destructive force in the wasteland, bringing their physical strength to bear while making use of any sort of weapon they can lay their hands on while their mutated hounds run ramshow across “lesser” beings.

But now, The Raiders are here.

The good folks at Modiphius hooked us up with the full launch wave of Raiders ahead of the full launch later this month, (they also sent over a Mysterious Stranger) and what a powerful faction they are shaping up to be.

Check out an in-depth previous of the Faction Leaders as well!

Before we go on, for the sake of transparency, it’s important that I mention that I took part in the playtesting for this wave and that I’ve run demos of the game at public events with goods provided to me by Modiphius Entertainment. But with that out of the way, let’s see what the Raiders are going to bring to the wasteland.

The first thing that becomes apparent when you look through the Raider faction is that they are versatile and primarily focused on an offensive playstyle. The Raider Faction abilities are:

  1. For Raider faction models, the final round of an active chem lasts one additional round.
  2. Raider faction models do not need LoS (Line of Sight) to a target to use Charge when charging to engage a model which is already engaged with a friendly Raider faction model.

That’s an awesome set of abilities for a faction that wants to get close to you and take advantage of the benefits of using extend chems or for hanging back and charging into engaged models for combat bonuses without needing Line of Sight, which is honestly a bit of a game changer.

With three named hero characters to lead the charge, you can certainly make some interesting builds.

  • Ack Ack for is a master of heavy weapons thanks to her Absorb Recoil ability which maximizes her Damage Dice functionality while her Bullet Storm ability gives a bonus to the shooting value of nearby friendless.
  • Avery is more of a sharpshooter with a high Perception skill with rifles, using the Weak Point ability to maximizes his Damage Dice functionality.
  • Sinjin, a ghoul, can Ready a nearby Unready non-unique model with the Improvise ability, adds an additional green dice to Danger card tests and can even get a free silencer for a pistol, which he’s a crack shot with having a perception of 8. And as a bonus, being a ghoul, Sinjin is invulnerable to radiation damage!

But there is, of course, more to the Raider faction than just their hero leader units. They come packing a variety of ground pounders to do the boss’s bidding, and this includes

  • Raiders and Raider Outlaws, the cheap and effective mainline unit. The average joe lifted off the street corner, handed a weapon and told to go to work.
  • Scavver and Scavver Outlaws, the career raiders turned professional “scavenger.” No slouch with a rifle, these raiders lend you a more effective offensive edge and a more capable unit when it comes to hacking and lock picking, but they’ll cost a lot more to recruit into your band of miscreants.
  • Psychos and Psycho Outlaws, the true lunatics of the Raider faction, these quick moving killers are adept at close quarters brawling and wear light armor to make it easier to out maneuver their foes. No slouch with a pistol, but a master with a lead pipe, the Psychos are basically just walking, talking, attack dogs.
  • Veteran Raiders are at the top of the food chain, second only to a named boss but often at the head of their own smaller band of Raiders. Tough, ruthless and typically well equipped, the Veteran Raiders are handy with heavy weapons, merely decent with conventional pistols or rifles and experts at caving in heads. Having access to a suit of Raider Power Armour will turn any Veteran Raider into a force to be reckoned with.

The Raiders are here, and the wasteland will never be the same again, so be sure to check back soon when we have a look at Ack Ack, Avery, and Sinjin in more detail and have a look at just how versatile they can be on the table. You can also check out the grunts for each faction!

Good luck out there in the wild, Wastelander.

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  1. Ben Gentry (MagnusTheGrey) on August 12, 2019 at 8:28 pm said

    Okay, this is actually news to me! I’d never even heard of the Fallout miniatures game until now– it looks pretty cool. 🙂

  2. Saw their booth at Gen Con. Pretty cool theme for a tabletop.

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