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Fallout Wasteland Warfare: The Raiders, Scavvers, and Psychos

The good folks at Modiphius hooked us up with the full launch wave of Raiders ahead of the full launch later this month, (they also sent over a Mysterious Stranger) and what a powerful faction they are shaping up to be.

Check out the full overview here before diving into the factions!

In this writeup, we’re going to take a good long look at the basic Raider units and their various battlefield applications, while also looking at what makes each one useful in their own specific role. We’ll be looking at your run of the mill Raiders, Psychos and Scavvers, plus their Outlaw variants and the Veteran Raider.

Before we go on, for the sake of transparency, it’s important that I mention that I took part in the playtesting for this wave and that I’ve run demos of the game at public events with goods provided to me by Modiphius Entertainment. But with that out of the way, let’s see what the Raiders are going to bring to the wasteland.

Starting with, the Raider and Raider Outlaw.

The Raider and Raider outlaw are the most basic units that you’re likely to be fielding in your force, but that doesn’t mean they are bad, not by a long stretch. Surprisingly versatile for being so basic, they are best utilized alongside a hero unit like Ack Ack.

Also check out this article to see the details of each hero leader (including Ack Ack)!

Raider – With a Perception value of 4 for their Pistols, Rifles, and Searching skills, the Raider is a full 2 points worse at shooting than your average Settler from the Survivors faction and 1 point worse than the Brotherhood of Steel Knight Patrol. Both of which are the other basic human units. However, the Raider comes with better Armor than the Settler and Knight Patrol, and they fight better than them too, with the Raider fighting with an Agility of 5, in comparison to the Settler’s Strength 3 and Knight Patrol’s Strength 4.

If Ack Ack is in play, and the Bullet Storm rule comes into effect, the average Raider goes up to Perception 6, making them just as accurate as Settlers and more accurate than Knight Patrols, while still fighting better than either of them. So the Raiders are quite clearly a lore-accurate faction, being serviceable when on their own, but being at their best when under the control of a skilled leader unit. Only having an Endurance rating of 4 hurts, but having 2 Physical Armor and 2 Energy Armor on the basic raider more than makes up for that. Combat Rifles and Assault Rifles are good choices for your Raiders, with the Hunting Rifle being an expensive, but worthwhile investment if you plan on fighting at a distance with Ack Ack.

Not having access to Batons will make your melee a bit more hit or miss, and for this reason I suggest going with the Machete for that extra accuracy dice. It’s better to hit, and do a little damage, than to completely miss. If you’re feeling lucky, the Baseball Bat or Board are also viable options.

Now, let’s see what we can do with Scavvers.

Scavvers are fantastic, but they do come at a cost.

Unless you’re running a very specific build, you’re not likely to have many of them in your force, they cost a full 60 points. That’s a whopping 21 points more than the 39 points you’ll pay for a Raider, but that cost is genuinely justifiable. With a very respectable Perception skill of 7, Scavvers fire pistols and rifles with accuracy on par with Brotherhood of Steel Lancers and Paladins. Their Agility of 4 makes them decent fighters, but they can also throw a grenade out to Range Blue (10 Inches) which can make a huge difference when you’re trying to lob molotovs into an enemy position. Endurance of 5 means they are a little more survivable than Raiders, but for 60 points you’ll want to stick to cover.

The Scavver Outlaw comes in with Intelligence 5, making them a wholly viable lockpicking and hacking unit at the cost of going down to Perception 6, but that’s a fair sacrifice. While they aren’t as good as fighting as the basic Raider, they do charge a full 2 Inches further, which can catch an opponent off guard. Never underestimate the ability to charge further than the opponent is expecting. With a Perception of 7, you’ll want to go all in with your weapon choices. Combat Shotguns, Double Barrel Shotguns, Combat Rifles, and Hunting Rifles are the name of the game; carrying a .44 Revolver wouldn’t hurt either, just in case you find yourself close to an armored opponent.

Your melee skill again encourages the use of weapons with accuracy dice, meaning the Machete is still a great choice. If you’re feeling risky, the Scavver does have the option of carrying the Junk Jet, which can be quite a fearsome weapon if luck favors you, but I wouldn’t personally advise the investment.

Ack Ack’s Bullet Storm brings the Scavvers into absurdly accurate territory, so for this reason I think your points are better spent on another super competent ranged unit like Avery, but again, that’s just me.

Time to meet the Psychos!

Light Armored – Movements are one color shorter if any armor or clothing is equipped.

Urban – Automatically succeeds at first climb during a climb test.

There are many reasons to love your Psychos, because, despite their name, they’re one of the best units in the Raider faction. In fact, you could make a good argument for preferring them over regular Raiders.

A Psycho comes in at 45 points, a mere 6 points more than the regular Raider. For those 6 points you get an increased  movement speed, from Range Yellow up to Range Red, a better shooting skill of Perception 5 compared to a Raiders Perception 4, and an increased Melee skill of Agility 7 compared to a Raiders Agility 5. Plus, when you make your first climbing test, you pass it automatically, which gives you incredible vertical maneuverability.

Now, there are two negatives to consider when it comes to Psychos. First of all, these units are adept at nipping around the battlefield and brawling, so if you equip them with armor, you’re going to hinder their movement. So if you equip them with armor, they move one Range Color shorter. Red to Yellow and Green to Red. Also, these units cannot equip Power Armor. That hurts, but it is what it is.

Psychos, understandably, don’t have access to rifles or heavy weapons. So what sort of pistol should they take? The Pipe Pistol has damage potential with it’s Range Black and 2 Damage Dice on top of one physical damage. On average, you’ll put out 2-3 damage. On a perfect roll, you could roll 5 damage. For this reason, I recommend the .44 Revolver for your Psychos. You’ll lose 2 Inches to your range, from Range Black to Range Blue, but you’ll put out a guaranteed physical damage of 2 and you’ll be rolling to Armor Dice, giving you a much better chance of punching through your targets armor.

Thanks to having a melee skill of 7, you can really take whichever weapon you choose and you’ll likely do well with it. Psychos have access to the Baseball Bat, Board, Lead Pipe, Machete, Nail Board, Pipe Wrench, and/or Tire Iron. Plenty of options!

And finally, let’s have a look at the Veteran Raider.

Meat Shield – If unengaged, 1 unengaged friendly model within Range Orange and Line of Sight may take the damage from an attack (prior to armor roll) instead. Once per battle.

Bushcraft – Use cooked effect of food.

The Veteran Raider is a powerful unit who will excel at being your leader if you don’t want to invest the points into Sinjin, Avery, or Ack Ack. Or who knows, maybe you do want to invest in one of those characters and bring a Veteran Raider.

With a Perception of 4, you’re not going to be the most accurate faction leader, but with a Strength of 6, you will be fairly proficient with heavy weapons. This number will climb to Strength 8 if you decide to equip a suit of Raider Power Armor, and honestly, why would you not? The Power Armor will also increase your Endurance from an already high 7 to ridiculous Endurance 9. Hurling grenades at Range Blue while also fighting at Agility 7, you’re likely to clobber anything that crosses your path, and the Strength 8 afforded to you by the Power Armor will also give you a bonus damage dice in melee.

Pretty nice, right?

What’s more, you can add even more survivability to your Veteran Raider by staying close to an unfortunate ally who you can grab and use as a Meat Shield to protect yourself from damage once per battle. And your Bush Craft ability lets you use the cooked effect of foods, even if you haven’t the ability to cook it. Iguana Bits, for example, would restore two wounds but give you one Radiation token if uncooked. But if you cook them, you restore four wounds and don’t take any radiation tokens. Excellent. The Veteran Raider is essentially a tank who can endure a tremendous amount of damage, and deal it out too.

This concludes our coverage of The Raider Faction for Fallout Wasteland Warfare! Be sure to shout out in the comments if you’ve picked them up, or plan on doing it in the future. And be sure to check back in the future for our continued coverage of Wave 2, with Institute Coursers and Feral Glowing Ghouls still to come, and more!

If you haven’t already, check out the complete overview of the game, and the breakdown of all the leaders.

Stay safe out there in the Wasteland.

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