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Fan-Made Unreal ‘Dino Crisis’ Remake Now Has Regina and Raptors

  • Reveal of Regina is from behind.
  • Original game SFX and voice files.


When last I wrote of Team Arklay’s Dino Crisis remake in the Unreal Engine, there were several videos of the project, but all of them were purely environmental or UI-related. But recently they have released another video, this time revealing the redheaded protagonist, Regina, a raptor enemy, and technically, a compsognathus.

Capcom still doesn’t have anything to say about this fan project, so development will continue for now. But I find myself wondering, wouldn’t the POV of a compsognathus be really smooth instead of shaking up and down like that? Cause they’re the ancestors of birds, so wouldn’t they have that incredible head tracking ability that many birds do? Something to think about if you’re reading this, Team Arklay.

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  1. BrigandBoy on August 13, 2019 at 5:22 pm said

    Agreed. Head bob is a thing for bipeds with hips like ours, not hips and tails like a compy.

  2. The survival horror protagonist who rhymes with fun

  3. No way, never would of thought that this would ever happen.

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