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‘Filmmaker Tycoon’ to Finish What ‘The Movies’ Started?

  • There’s no biz like showbiz.
  • Run your own film studio.
  • Will your movies go from the indie scene to Hollywood greatness?

Do you happen to remember a game called The Movies? Developed by Lionhead Studios, it combined different aspects of management sims, and then on top of it all it put you in the chair of a director and producer and let you make your own movies. It was an awesome game for its time, even despite its shortcomings, and if you got to experience it in its prime, it was truly something special. If you missed that window, don’t fret, because an upcoming indie game may be just what you’re looking for to bring your dreams of the silver screen back to your gaming lineup.


Developed and published by Aternis Interactive, Filmmaker Tycoon is an indie take on the concept that The Movies put in place. Start from the bottom, making small independent films and work your way up through the B-Movie quality content with your eyes set on one goal, a true Hollywood blockbuster. Players are able to build and design their own studio from the ground up, and with more success comes more options and more funding to turn a small studio into a full-fledged production company.

Of course, running a studio is only half the battle. No matter how big the studio, if you churn out Uwe Boll level films with a Steven Spielberg budget, then it was all for nothing. Invest in the best actors money can buy, put them in roles that they were born for. Costumes, musical scores, sound effects, and more will really set the tone for your film. Who knows, maybe you’ll take it on yourself to remake The Godfather Part III except, you know, make it better than a steaming pile of garbage. 

In pretty much every way you can tell Filmmaker Tycoon is an unofficial revival of a game left behind. Can Filmmaker Tycoon make a big impact in today’s gaming world? I think it’s possible as long as they stick to their guns and focus on quality and then post-release upkeep. So when can you try your hand at making some movies yourself? Right now, unfortunately, it’s listed only as “Coming Soon.” The game is still in development, and as of yet the company behind the game doesn’t have a huge social media presence. The best way to stay up to date on them is keeping a lookout for developer posts on Steam and eyes on the official YouTube channel. You can also take a look at the official website, or hop into their Discord if you’d like.