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‘Final Fantasy Tactics’ Director Says Death May Push Him to Revisit the Franchise

  • FF Tactics or Ogre Battle title possible.
  • Ramza could return, according to canon.


In an interview with Dengeki Online, the director behind Final Fantasy Tactics, and the Ogre Battle Saga series, Yasumi Matsuno, discussed his work on the “Return to Ivalice” raid for Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood. This content, he explained, was based on a hypothetical reality where Ramza and his team failed to destroy Altima. The conversation inevitably lead to Final Fantasy Tactics itself, and the possibility of ever making another one, to which Matsuno replied:

Rather than looking back at the pastI’m the kind of person who loves trying out new things. But when you reach my age, you start having thoughts like “How much time do I have left to keep making games?”. And I’m not talking about retirement, I’m talking about death. Recently, I’ve been to more funerals than weddings, and it made me aware of how limited our time is. On places like Twitter, fans sometimes send me messages like “I really wish you’d make a new Ogre or FFT!!”. When I see messages like this, a part of me thinks “I probably need to make one before I die”.

Such a new game could, according to Matsuno, see Ramza as a returning character. This is because Ramza, along with his team, did manage to escape the Necrohol of Mullonde at the end of the game. This fact was apparently unclear to even other developers, and something Matsuno regrets not conveying clearly in-game. “When I still worked at Square, even Square employees would often ask me ‘Did Ramza survive at the end of FFT?’. I always regreted that I was too inexperienced when making the original game to make it clear that yes, Ramza and his friends definitely survived.”

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