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‘Floppy Knights’ Coming to PC in 2020

  • Available now to wishlist on Steam.
  • Perfect for those looking for deck-building, sword-swinging, tactical adventure.
  • Currently no word if other platforms will follow.


Portland, Oregon-based developer Rose City Games and Bucharest, Romania-located publisher Those Awesome Guys have announced their new indie strategy title Floppy Knights, which is expected to release on PC via Steam sometime in 2020. Floppy Knights has been described as a deck-building, sword-swinging, tactical adventure.

Floppy Knights follows the adventure of Phoebe and Carlton, her most trusted friend who also happens to be the coolest bionic arm. Phoebe is a talented inventor and programmer who happens to enjoy the finer things in life, leaning towards the philosophy of working smarter and not harder. Her goals in life are simple, like most teenage kids, and that’s to save up enough money to be able to move out of her parent’s house.

To help her on her goal of being her own person and living on her own, she created Carlton. Carlton has quite the personality,  believing himself to be brilliant, handsome, and funny. One thing he does have going for him, is that he can take any floppy disk, and turn them into handy projects referred to as Floppy Knights. They can be useful for plenty of tasks, especially when it comes down to fighting on the battlefield.

All of this has now begun to help Phoebe turn this occasional odd job into a steady side hustle. However, like most things in life, it all begins to be more than what she bargained for. Bigger, and more challenging, enemies have continued to show up, and Phoebe isn’t quite sure she wants to be a hero. Other features are as follows:

  • Turn-Based Tactics meets Deck-Building: A fresh take on two familiar genres! Mix and match your favorite cards to craft your deck with care. Once you’re ready, lead your Knights to victory across a turn-based battlefield.
  • Vibrant world filled with retro tech and magic!: Enter a fantastical land where cassette tapes and alchemy co-exist. Knights and enemies spring into action in hand-drawn visuals by Marlowe Dobbe (Dicey Dungeons).
  • Achieve Squad Goals: Get ready for gutsy goblins, sassy succulents, and more! A colorful and diverse assortment of Floppy Knights will be at your fingertips, ready to boot up into combat.
  • Easy to pick up, hard to put down: We took the best elements from deck-building and tactics games, condensing them down into a quick-to-learn, simple-to-understand format.

Are you excited for Floppy Knights? Will you be keeping this title on your radar? For another card-based title that looks interesting, make sure you check out Tangletorn. For other indie titles that look promising, keep your eyes on Hokko Life, Bloodroots, and Circadian City. To stay up to date on Floppy Knights, make sure to follow the developers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Discord, Reddit, and their official website.