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use of stimulants in esports twitch streaming

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    So loot boxes should have meth delivery right to your doorstep! 😁😁😁😁


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      I completely agree with Chloe)))


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        *chugs a can of monster*


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          I'm a Twitch streamer but don't play esports, so my opinion might not be what you're looking for, but I think this is two different topics entirely.

          First, with esports in particular (whether broadcast or not), I personally don't have a problem with players using stimulants. I say leave it up to their league to allow or don't allow it. I completely understand if they are worried about giving one player an unfair advantage due to an artificially heightened processing/reaction time. So I can go either way with this. I'm ok with a particular league banning any and all stimulants, and I'm also ok with an "anything goes" league. Do they split up the brackets in terms of age? Because a 40+ year old player like me isn't going to have the same reaction time as a 20 year old player. Not the same thing, of course, but making an event "all ages" gives the younger people the advantage. Is anybody complaining about that?

          Next, in terms of longer streams in general I either really need to love the game(s) or be engaged with chat. I've never used stimulants to stay awake (and if I do have a mountain dew or a rockstar mixed drink it's because I like the flavor, not to keep me going). I do, however, frequently partake in various things while I play games. I used to do 12 hour streams every Friday, 6-8 hours on Saturdays, and 8-10 hours on Sundays without getting bored or needing to jack up. If you're by yourself in stream even an hour can feel like a looong time, but if you've got an active chat and are engaging the time flies.
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            Okay, so I think maybe I will try a different approach to what other people are saying in here.

            For those talking about the negative health effects, they are probably mild compared to long periods of sitting. Health studies have shown that long periods of sitting have a connection to an increase in heart disease and depression along with a cavalcade of others, some health professionals have said it will be our generation's cigarettes.

            However, I think none of us should be surprised, professional athletes have had a storied history of drug abuse for performance enhancement what was it that cyclist Neil Armstrong siad about the tour de France? "If every winner was stripped of their metals because of drug use, and passed down to the only person who didn't use drugs, it would have been given to a goat" I am butchering it for sure, but he said something like that when he was questioned about who the metal should go to. I sure hope I haven't mixed up one person with another... that was a rogue thought it my mind. However, that thought I think illustrates just how often drugs are abused in sports. So I think we shouldn't be surprised the moment eSports became a thing that people started abusing them.

            But a more libertine point, are they abusing them? I mean I have no doubt some are. However, you show me a person who doesn't have a bad habit and I will show you someone who's basement you don't want to walk into. We all have our vices to help us get through the day, many, many of us abuse caffeine and it is a drug. I remember when I did a health kick and for six months I didn't have caffeine, and when I had it again hot damn was there a difference. I am sure that some of may smoke and I am not talking about cigarettes, and I am sure people said you were abusing it, hell maybe you are I don't know. However, if it is one pill that helps them get through there daily grind, and then they don't touch otherwise. How is it different to someone morning coffee, their toilet cigarette, or quick puff to equalise? I am not a big fan of any of these things, but that is my decision, but I have my vices, perhaps we should let them have theirs...


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              I don't care about people juicing for video games, have at it. In the mean time I am drinking just to put up with the Ninja trihards. So it equals out.
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                that G-Fuel is probably mostly cocaine