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    They really ruin esports for me. Most everyone watching esports understand what is happening in the game without someone telling us. Esports should have no announcers or ones that know what to say and when to say it.

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    I like esports commentators. Sometimes they have intelligent things to say about the game or fun facts I didn't know about. Also, I love hearing their reactions when something cool happens. There is a reason why for every MLG pro montage there is a montage of commentators reacting to MLG pro plays.

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      I think they're necessary. I love for example Overwatch League and the commentators make the game a lot more interesting to watch. I play the game regularly but even my brother and other friends can catch a long with the proper commentary. They hired essentially the best talent for it and I highly recommend watching it to see if it does your fancy


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        I mean, I get where you're coming from. There are a lot of commentators who seem to think that their job is just to talk. However, there are a lot of commentators (At least in Smash Bros., I don't watch much else) who know what to say and when to say it.

        A good commentator can take a hype play someone makes and turn it into a legend. Imagine the Wombo Combo but without commentary! It wouldn't have taken off nearly as much as it did if not for "Happy feet, happy feet! That ain't Falco! WHERE YOU AT???". Or imagine Axe's legendary 4-stock on SilentWolf without "DESSSSTRUCTION!!!" at the end. It wouldn't be the same. It doesn't even have to be words, either. Listen to the crowd explode during Evo Moment 37. That's the kind of hype outside noise and commentary can help awesome plays create.

        Simply put, commentary creates legends.


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          That's everything though. Isn't it? A good wrestling commentator makes the action better, a bad one can ruin the experience. I'd say the ones that annoy me in all sports or esports are the ones that talk for no reason... like just to fill dead air. Sometimes you got to let the action speak for itself. Though I am probably not one to talk because all my videos I am definitely someone who feels the need to be talking constantly. :/


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            If only there would be an option to mute them, or watch a game without commentary.
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              I disagree but it is entirely up to if that caster is actually adding to the spectacle and not hindering it.

              Here are a few examples in the world of League of Legends where commentators add some extra spice to some amazing esports moments:



              Of course there are plenty of mellow or low energy casters that just suck the energy right out of the room. (In my opinion the LPL LoL Esports casters.)

              League of Legends of course occasionally does a secondary stream where you can watch from a specific players point of view without any commentary but again you can't watch the entire map.

              I don't see a world where you can turn off casters but it could be an option in the future.

              Of course LoL Academy Teams Game 1's of each week have no commentators and for those interested in LoL Esports it could be a great place to hone your chops by doing your own commentary if you are interested in that field (sorry off topic.)

              The perception is entirely based on the energy, skill, and analysis of the commentators themselves.

              This isn't Esports but here is actually a time where the NFL tried an entire game with no commentators link here:


              I for one missed the analysis and commentary but everyone has their own cup of tea.


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                If it wasn't for eSports commentators I 1) wouldn't know what's happening and 2) wouldn't know what good/bad moves the player made. I've watched eSports of games I've never or barely played, and I'm sure there are others who have done that, and I'm sure that's true for "sports" as well.


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                  I disagree, I always enjoyed commentators back when I give a fuck for Dota 2 esports.
                  Sadly I don't care about esports anymore. But my point still stands, commentators make esports better, at least for me.
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                    No way man, commentators make it more fun and they usually explain why a player did something or break down a play. For example, in MMA fights the commentators help the viewers understand things like complex ground game and setups for holds.