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  • Site looks great

    tbh, not sure where to start with an intro?
    I like gaming, cooking, reading. i cant for the life of me play a horror game. and i love Science fiction. and mechas alot.
    but the platform of Exclusively games, is by all means probably the best way to go about talking/discussing games.

    do excuse my spelling/grammar. it has never been my strongpoint. i also have a horrid habbit of making small 28-36charactor chatter.

    going to put this here. the origin of EspurrJelly. is long and convoluded but it eventually be came Espurr Jelly from me getting additced to the Joke class on maplestory of Pink Bean. naming it Jellybean and then finding adoration of the pokemon Espurr. i like to think of my self as a bit to restrained at times. so it fits. (and for the people that might wonder no im not a furry)

    I been gaming sence i was 2. on the PC i remeber playing Simcity 2000 (i think) off a floppy disk and NES handbedowns. wasnt real"good" at any of them back then but hey had fun as an only child due to it so yeah.

    pleased to be here hope to see the site grow

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    Welcome to the party.
    There are threads in Off Topic about food and reading.
    "We sleep peaceably in our beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on our behalf."

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      Welcome Jelly.


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        Welcome to the forum!
        The Mordhau Adventuring League WANTS YOU!

        My Profile > Edit Settings > Account Tab > Scroll down to "Conversational Detail Options" > Click the Link > Eat a cookie


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          Welcome to the forum Jelly i hope you have a lovely stay with us ^-^


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            Welcome to the forums!


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                gotta say im glad to be here, been busy overall lately so sorry for not really replaying