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  • EG Giveaway

    As per the tweet live on our feed -

    ''We are giving away 3 consoles, Ten games, & Ten $30 gift cards to celebrate our grand opening! Entry Is free! We are so thankful for the community allowing us to exist here & promise to keep delivering! Enter Here!''

    There is currently a giveaway live for various prizes (consoles, games) over at the following link -
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    I just got all of my entries in!

    Will there be an update to the forums now that Exclusively Games is officially opening?

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    • Tonic
      Tonic commented
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      There is an updated planned shortly after the reviews have rolled out

    • The4LeafDozer
      The4LeafDozer commented
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      I just stopped by to say thank you for putting that little tutorial tidbit into your signature. Was looking around for like an hour trying to figure it out.

    • ethansito
      ethansito commented
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      The4LeafDozer You are welcome! I am happy to help.

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    I just entered too.

    By the way, i will be making video games in the future and this place is the first place that i will give notice Good luck EG!


    • Thomas_JCG
      Thomas_JCG commented
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      Keep us informed, it's interesting to know about game development from the inside.

    • Ocean Gaming
      Ocean Gaming commented
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      Oh i will absolutely do it

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    Best of luck everyone! May the spirit of gaming be with you!


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      Nice. Thanks.


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        Thank you.


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          Just entered a couple times, since I've posted here and on the main site or "blog" as the raffle calls it

          Ps and thanks!!


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            Best luck to everyone!


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              Good on Jeremy for starting this site to try and counter traditional games journalism. Good luck to everyone!


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                Cool, gambling.
                Celebrating over 1000 contributions of the highest quality! ?


                • SpitfireMkIX
                  SpitfireMkIX commented
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                  A raffle is gambling how?

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                Great site for gaming ,,


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                  Awesome. I like the community here and plan to share all my game dev juicy bits as my game's demo and such gets closer towards its crowd fund stage~. u wu I plan to stay for a good while, too. So that being said, I shared to promote the site and got a couple entries in! Huzzah!


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                    I cant wait to be more involved the community here thank you for the welcome so far


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                      Good luck to everyone


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                        A-oh!!! Here for the free stuff!!!