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Jeremy's smear campaign against Shenmue 3/EPIC Exclusivity.

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    The fact Animusisters was banned and Cuzin ed is still in liberty is a great argument to call tonic a hack


    • Cuzin_Ed
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      Yeah I know it's terrible that the person who just spams pointless comments is banned. Except they aren't. I am not banned cause I never violated the TOS in any kind of serious manner. I actually post things with substance. I don't sit around and try to build up my post count with meaningless 3 word posts.

      If the ban was lifted it was probably temporary.

      Also if I wanted to call out anyone it would be you a few other members who are closeted SJW's who go around and troll threads up that you don't like so they will be closed by the moderation team. You go into the threads and troll and take them off topic so they will be shut down. Don't act like no one notices it. You did it to my thread about that SJW dumpster fire Wolfenstein Young Blood.

      Keep crying. I enjoy your tears. LOL
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    • WickedWolf
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      I’d actually like to know what happened to Animusisters
      Just dropped off the face of the Earth one day.