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  • Christmas Movies

    It's that time of the year!

    Do you have a favorite or favorites that you watch each year at Christmas time?

    Here are 10 of my favorite Christmas movies:

    Home Alone


    Ernest Saves Christmas

    Die Hard

    A Christmas Carol (1951 with Alastair Sim as Scrooge))

    Jingle All the way

    The Ref

    Bad Santa

    Trapped in Paradise

    Lethal Weapon

    What are yours?

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    Die Hard is the best Christmas movie, closely followed by Nightmare Before Christmas.

    Arthur's Christmas is probably the only modern Christmas movie that is enjoyable.
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      I don't think I've ever watched Arthur's Christmas.
      I'll keep a sharp lookout for it.

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    Home Alone when I was younger.
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      Krampus is now my must watch X-mass movie every year.

      Honorable mentions:
      )> Gremlins
      )> Silent night, deadly night
      )> Sint
      )> The nightmare before Christmas
      )> National lampoons: Christmas Vacation
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        "Shitter was full!" One of my favorite lines from a Christmas movie.
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        Necromancerx69 wow, that's a lot of horror movies for Christmas!

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        I love horror movies since I was a kid, even if I hardly watch any as in late (most new horror movies suck).

        I also enjoy my x-mass with metal music versions of x-mass songs. xD

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      I'm not a big Christmas movie fan (I'm not a big Christmas fan period) except Die Hard happens to be my favorite movie of all time, hence the Die Hard the board game birthday gift which you can see in the "What have you gotten or bought recently (tabletop)?" thread.


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        For us it's National lampoons: Christmas Vacation with the Griswolds
        and my wife likes to see The Grinch


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          I also enjoy my x-mass with metal music versions of x-mass songs. xD
          Hah! Then you'll enjoy this Amon Amarth Axe-Mess Pullover
          I recently got me that one from In Flames ;-]


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          My go to is Gremlins.