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I don't understand why people pay for streaming anything

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  • I don't understand why people pay for streaming anything

    Am i the only one who isn't subscribed to a streaming service of some sort , it sure feels like it

    If theres a movie or tv show I want to watch, I probably have it on DVD. if i don't, i'll find it in 2nd hand shop. and quite often, you can buy them still sealed in the 2nd hand shop because the original owner never used it. And you can find them for as little as 30cents/20p. The same goes for games, music, or just about anything you want. But that requires effort of course, and since people don't want to do that these days, it's much easier to sit back and blow all your hard earned money on digital services (stuff you can't hold, and that doesnt really exist)

    The way some frame the situation, it's either streaming officially or full-blown high seas sailing.

    There is an's called buy the physical product.

    On a related note, I often buy used games for pennies, and when I get them home I notice the receipt inside for SIXTY GOD DAMN DOLLARS...and i think sheesh why the fuck did anyone pay that for one single game? I could buy 200 used games for that price. The difference is that now, in the digital world, those 60 dollar games have no resale value, and you'll never ever get them as cheap as physical games. Even on heavy discount a digital game will always be upwards of 10 bucks, right? (I don't know exactly... you'll have to let me know). To me, if it wasn't released physically, then it doesn't exist and it ain't worth a damn. And all this streaming-only stuff will be forgotten and lost to the sands of time, and how I shall laugh.

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    Well there is Netflix, streaming TV series, movies, documentaries, content. Maybe the stuff we watch there within one month of subscription could be bought for the same or lower price if you would put in effort and time to find it on second hand markets or whereever, but it's a tradeoff. How much would you pay for 10 hours of additional free time? The less I have free time, the more I value it, so I more tend to trade money for time if I'm offered. Searching for a cheap price for all this we watch on Netflix would take a tremendous amount of effort and time. While not even clear that it would be cheaper to buy physical copies of it, streaming is a very good option. We don't care if it gets discontinued at some time, because we don't rewatch it. The movies my wife rewatches we have as physical copies.

    If I understand you correct, that most Steam games don't exist for you, because there's no physical copy of it, so this is streaming too, then I stream very much. Officially we all own a Steam subscription and not the games, yea that's right. But I don't care, because once I played the game I'll never replay it and am ok with it being removed off Steam. Handing it over to family and friends you may argue, there's Steam Family Sharing. You can share any game with family and friends if you allow them access to it. Buying games is convenient and cheap. Especially for indie games you can get most of them under 10$, many even for under 1$. I already bought some games only by selling my Steam trading cards, which each sells for about 0.03$, which I got for free only by playing games. The biggest plus for digital games for me is storing it. Digital games take no space in your room, not even on your hard drive. They are in the cloud, connected to your account and waiting to be installed at any time. I would so be annoyed by a physical game shelf with loads of games lurking down on me. The ones I played through call "finally sell us" the unplayed call "finally play us", while the few games I currently play make up the far minority of games I own and this would put unnecessary pressure on me I don't want. Plus, physical games can break and won't work anymore. For me, digital games are much more convenient than physical.


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      To be honest, the only reason me and my family use Netflix it's for those who still prefer to watch TV instead of joining the Pc master race.

      If it was for me, I would show them the wonderful world of free movies online. But they don't like using the computer that much. xD
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        except that those "free" movies are not really free, but illegally streamed or at least in the grey zone.

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      I pay for no streaming services at all. It's easy once you just cut Hollywood entirely out of your life (if you're single at least).
      As for games, physical > digital all the way, which is why I still game more on console than PC. That will last until consoles go full digital at least.
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        I don't get why people say they like consoles because of physical games and act like PC has gone full digital. You can still get physical games on PC.

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        James27 show me

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        James27 yea, you can get a plastic box which includes a small label with the game key on it and the disc only installs a launcher, which will download the newest version of the game via internet. After download during the installation it asks for the key. That's not really a physical copy in my opinion. If you have the physical disc you still couldn't play the game without going online to download the real game data. The game data is missing on the physical disc. That's the common way of physical PC games. Buying a data medium with the actual game data on it is long out of fashion for PC. Considering how much patching and hot-fixing devs are doing regularly a physical copy would be out of date in no time anyway.

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      I also don't pay for any subscription and no resale value is the reason I only buy heavily discounted pc games


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        Netflix and Hulu are far cheaper than buying every single show or movie I want to watch (especially exclusives.) I can’t torrent shit anymore, and I don’t watch things twice, so it’s much better in my case.
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          I choose to pay for Netflix and Amazon but I also have to pay for the BBC.
          I think Netflix and Amazon are good enough so I pay for it.


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            I pay for streaming so I can download their shows with a clear conscience. I absolutely despise streaming, hate everything about it. I've tried all major streaming services and all had a few things in common that makes them unbearable to me: Crappy player, slow load time, constantly dropping stream quality without the ability to manually set it to best (this is true for youtube as well BTW).

            So I stream nothing, I download everything. Local playback or bust.
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