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Best mechanical gaming keyboard?

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  • Best mechanical gaming keyboard?

    Which do you think is the best mechanical gaming keyboard? And what's your reason? And what factors would you consider while choosing a gaming keyboard?

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    The best is the best, because it is the best.
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      Not sure how you would determine what the best is. To me there are 3 draws to getting these.. one of which I think is a dumb gimmick.
      1: RGB lighting... This is the dumb gimmick one.. I mean technically I don't think you need to make the keyboard mechanical for this, but for whatever reason the ratio of rgb keyboards to non rgb keyboards is wayyy higher on mechanical keyboards, so.. yeah I thought I'd just mention it, and my disdain for it.

      2: The feel. This alone makes it so there is no best. Some people prefer the feel of reds over every other colour, some people like the tactile bump on browns or whatever. I actually wish there was a good selection of them that use blues! (I actually used the old IBM clicky keyboard for awhile on my first and 2nd gaming pc wayyy past that keyboard's original birth). Alas I had to settle for a brown to meet my needs/budget.

      3: This is a feature that is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of a mechanical keyboard that most people actually don't really care about.. non-ghosting. Lots of non-mechanical keyboards say they are non-ghosting, but what they really do is just make it so the standard wsad format is hard to ghost with. But as soon as you play some indie or doujin game using arrow keys and shift,z,x,c,a,s,space.. boom, it'll g host like hell. In fact there is some new steelseries keyboard series that tout some amazing magnetic cap thing. AND IT DOESNT APPLY TO THE EFFING ARROWKEYS FAIL AT BEING A GAMER KEYBOARD YOU ARE A MODERN CODBOY KEYBOARD YOU DUMB FUCK AGASKLJHGLKASGJ... sigh.


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        Edit: Just noticed this is in the rpg section. it really shouldn't go here. gonna post a ticket to move it, don't take it personally, will help you get feedback if anything.
        edit: crap. I typed in the new post menu not the edit one. sorry. blah.


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          I have a Logitech G610 at work. It's a simple, but really nice feeling mechanical keyboard.

          It's white backlit and feels VERY comfortable.

          However, as I have my PC outputting via HDMI to a big 4k tv. I use a wireless keyboard and mouse. I then use the PC from the Sofa.
          I use the following mouse keyboard setup.
          Logitech G613 keyboard.

          It feels very comfortable. Great for gaming. No backlight, but not really a necessary feature.
          It has a great battery life too.

          I DID have a Logitech G910 Wired keyboard on my home PC. But I needed a wireless keyboard after I moved to the big tv for output.
          Whilst it has a LOT of features, I found it not that comfortable and I would hit wrong keys sometimes, as there's SO many function keys and maybe they're spaced too close to each other.

          For the record, I use the following mouse at home

          Very comfortable. nice definite feel to it and great battery life. Really nice and comfortable for long gaming sessions.

          And the Logitech Ergonomic mouse at work.

          It takes some getting used to, but it's quite a nice mouse. Really good for working on a computer all day.
          Doesn't have the nice rolling effect on the mouse wheel the Logitech master mouse has. Probably not worth the high price, but it IS a nice mouse. Probably not suitable for gaming tho.


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            When I wanted to buy the mechanical keyboard I roamed the electronics shops to find mechanical keyboards with different switches and see how they feel like and nothing really felt as nice to me as Logitech's Romer-G key switches. I got a well discounted G810 Orion and basically fell in love with it, they are tactile, they are consistent and quieter than Cherries (though people sometimes do desire that clicky sound, especially if they have no family to annoy it with).
            One thing you have to mind when choosing a keyboard is that they can get quite big, especially if it's a full one with the keypad.
            Another would be the cable (how long is it, is it protected) and if the keyboard has slots and jacks for connecting other devices if you feel that it might prove useful to you.
            Also, consider media keys, those I find extremely useful and I can't live without them anymore.
            The last thing for me would be RBG lighting and if you can actually set it up so it's not bloody annoying.


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              I got logitech g910. The one with the more normalised keys, as far as mechanical keyboards go it has a quieter sound than most when pressing keys.
              Very comfortable, has extra buttons (macro G keys) which are not as many or as easy to find as the an old logitech g15 version but its not super hard either.
              I like the romer key feel and as with pretty much all logitech products they seem to last quite a while for me (unlike certain other brands).

              Overall i find g910 to be the best if not one of the best mechanical keyboards. If i didnt go for the g910 i would have probably went for the corsair (k95?), but cant remember why though.


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                I like my E-Element Z-88 more than my Corsair Vengeance K95, but as a programmer I prefer reds and Outemu red feel better than Cherry MX Red to me and sound better. I've had the Vengeance for 6 years so I've never really used anything else I can say was good.


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                  Its hard to say what "the best mechanical keyboard" is, because there are too many variables in that equation.

                  Its easier to say "whats the best mechanical keyboard for X price", but even that is problematic because of the variance in switch types.

                  What you need to do is find a local retailer that has several different types of mechanical keyboards out on display and try out the switch types.

                  After you figure out what switch types you like, you need to examine what you're willing to spend.

                  From my -personal experience-, and this is all anecdotal, but a larger sample size than most, as i work for a company that provides PC and console hardware for conventions and tournaments...

                  Razer gets a bad rap because theyre the 'trying to be cool" brand, but their quality is just fine.
                  Corsair's quality is a little better, but its hard to get their boards in switches other than Red or Clear - you have to order them from Corsair directly if you want Blues or Browns in most cases.
                  Ducky is high quality and usually very no-frills.
                  Redragon (yes that's spelled correctly) is cheap but high-quality for the price.

                  Ive deployed several hundred of all of those brands at one time or another, and all have negligible failure rates (no more than would be expected for anything produced in a factory).

                  I personally prefer Blues for typing and Blacks for gaming, and i hate Reds and Clears (as far as Cherry switches and their various knockoffs go), as i like the tactile bump.

                  You may find that you like different switches, so its a personal choice.

                  If you could find them for less than a bajillion dollars, NOTHING beats the old buckling-spring mechanical-dome switches in the old IBM-M keyboards, but the few companies who produce modern versions of those tend to be VERY expensive, and oddly not feature packed (which i guess is part of the appeal).

                  Personally i prefer backlighting (doesn't have to be RGB, but typing in a dim room is fantastically easier on a backlit board. Macro keys.. meh. I type almost exclusively on 10-keyless (no numpad) boards. I dont need extra keys and ive never found a situation where a Macro key would actually help me that i couldnt just create said macro in-game (like WoW).


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                    I find Corsair keyboards tend to be very nice. Also DAS Keyboards are very good as well IMO (I use one at work). I find the gaming branding not important when it actually comes to using it for gaming. I would look into the different types of switches available to you and if possible try them out first and see which ones you like. Personally I tend to like clears and browns.


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                      My brother got a Razer mouse and headphones several years ago and neither lasted more than 2 years. Given how expensive they are, I wont take the risk of buying any of their products. Corsair on the other hand, back when they made nothing but PSUs, had a lifetime warranty, not sure if they still do, but that level of confidence is something I appreciate. I kinda like how most of the designs aren't super kewlkidz tryhard too.


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                        For gaming, the best in my opinion is Corsair K95 Platinum with Speed switches. I got this for $109 on Prime Day.

                        I prefer speed switches for gaming, and for typing, I am currently using a Corsair K70 with Red Switches that I picked for real cheap. I would like to try the brown switches at work, but I am not looking to spend more money on keyboard for a while, maybe a couple of years or so. I am happy with my purchases.


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                          I would also like to echo the sentiment that Corsair makes good mechanical keyboards. I had the K70 that I sold because it had blue switches (loudest) and am currently rocking a Corsair K95 Platinum with Brown MX switches (I couldn't get Speed switches).
                          If you don't want a "gaming" keyboard, go for Duck or Das Keyboard, but that might label you a hipster while you're trying to avoid the "gamer" tag...


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                            I got a Razer blackwidow Chroma about 4-5 years ago and it seems as new as the day I bought it(and I use it daily for many hours). I found the RGB lighting which I was not sure at first is awesome for the night when I game in the dark. For how are things looking for the future I probably have a keyboard for the rest of my life quality-wise, I can't see it braking any time soon


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                              It depends on your taste tbh, people generally say linear switches are the best for gaming and one of the quickest linear switches are the cherry mx speed so any keyboard with mx speed will suffice, you can also build your own keyboard from scratch with everything matching your preferences, another thing to have in mind is macros, maybe you are the type of guy who needs a bunch of macro keys so that will change the recommendation, over all i just cannot say what is the best keyboard for gaming as my tastes are different to yours, for example i like clicky switches and i love the clickbar kailh switches, i use 60%keyboards for the space they give me to use my mouse but i know many people who would never use a 60%.

                              anyway hard question, without knowing your actual preferences.