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Best mechanical gaming keyboard?

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    It depends on your taste tbh, people generally say linear switches are the best for gaming and one of the quickest linear switches are the cherry mx speed so any keyboard with mx speed will suffice, you can also build your own keyboard from scratch with everything matching your preferences, another thing to have in mind is macros, maybe you are the type of guy who needs a bunch of macro keys so that will change the recommendation, over all i just cannot say what is the best keyboard for gaming as my tastes are different to yours, for example i like clicky switches and i love the clickbar kailh switches, i use 60%keyboards for the space they give me to use my mouse but i know many people who would never use a 60%.

    anyway hard question, without knowing your actual preferences.


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      I have one of the Corsair K70's with Cherry MX red switches. I have to say it's pretty good. I was going to get one with the cherry blue switches but decided I didn't want to hear that click all the time. I don't type that well or that fast. But while playing games on my PC I didn't want to constantly hear the clicking.

      I got mine refurbished on Newegg. I think it was about $80. A K70 Corsair Vengeance gaming keyboard. Newegg says they are out of stock now.


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        I had the Corsair K95 Platinum keyboard for some time and then it just went completely nuts on me. Kept pressing the C button over and over no matter what I did. Finally, I just gave up on it and tossed it.

        I now rock a Steelseries Apex Pro, and I'm really happy with it. It has different features than the K95 but it's still pretty awesome.


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          Corsair k70 with brown cherry mx switches. I wouldn't touch anything steelseries since their bully hunters debacle.
          "it was the daedric prince of douchebaggery in disguise"


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            I am using Corsair Vengeance K70, soundless. High quality construction throughout; metal frame, no bendy/flexy plastic. Excellent key action. Keys are backlit. Basic light control Off/Low/High. Free downloadable software provides more lighting options. Extra "gaming" keys with key remover tool included. Bashed on my K70 while gaming hard for over a year, and it showed no trace of any wear or tear. Pretty solid keyboard!