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    Hi There, I'm trying to rebuild a refurb desktop I got from Amazon. It comes with 4GB Kingston DDR4. I'm planning to add an additional 12GB RAM and looking at either Corsair Dominator Platinum or Kingston HyperX FURY. I'm trying to compare them and looks like the performance is almost identical, speed, latency, clock speed, etc. The turning point is the very high price range of Corsair. Any recommendations?

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    I'd go with the cheapest option. Faster RAM doesn't affect game performance unless you're using an APU. Ryzen does like faster RAM speeds but if you're around 3000MHZ then you should be fine
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      The one with the most RGB.

      - In all seriousness, aesthetics are probably the biggest differentiating feature between the two options provided aside from price. I prefer the Corsair look, you may feel the opposite and save money.


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        Gaming nexus or Jay's cant remember which done a couple of videos on ram for gaming recently. Worth checking out


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          Don't buy premium gaming ram, if the ram has the specs you want from a reputable brand don't bother with the price. For example Corsair Dominator Platinum is overpriced ram that just looks nice, get Corsair Vengeance for like half.
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            It sounds like Kingston would be the way to go. I take it that the mobo has 4 dimm slots? As long as the new ram matches the old ram you should be good to go.


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              I have no idea what gaming RAM is. From what I have heard the effects of RAM on performance in games is actually pretty small. People say 16GB is the sweet spot right now. RDR2 recommended system requirements called for like 12GB. So I just upgraded to 32GB. I am using Corsair vengeance LPX DDR4 3200.