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Need some help with an SSD that won't boot

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  • Need some help with an SSD that won't boot

    So I built my PC back in 2016 and I used a 120GB Mushkin SSD as my boot drive. It's where I installed windows, drivers and other things.

    My issue is my PC won't boot from that drive. Some times it will show up in the BIOS and other times it won't. I can select in the boot menu in the BIOS and it will boot from there. But it won't boot to windows on it's own. I have had issues with this SSD in the past. Usually I would just disconnect the other drives and just leave the Mushkin SSD connected. This would usually fix the issue. I would then reconnect all the other drives. But that isn't working this time.

    If I disconnect the two Samsung SSD's I have the Mushkin works fine. But when I reconnect the two Samsung drive it goes back to not booting again.

    I would rather be playing Doom Eternal instead I have to deal with BS PC problems.

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    I hate such PC problems and having to deal with them. I'm not an expert, but you may try switching the data cables of the drives in your motherboard's ports. Like the GPU monitor ports they also may have a priority to them. If you hit the #1 priority port with your Mushkin you may be fine. Dunno. I just guess. Guessing and trying something is often easier than searching the internet for a solution.

    But since it sometimes shows up in the BIOS and sometimes not although you changed nothing, this SSD seems to be damaged and should be replaced. Maybe you gotta reinstall OS on another SSD :-(


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      I will switch cables with one of the other drives. I think I will just use the 4TB SSD as the new boot drive and do a new install of windows.

      I hate BS PC problems like this as well. But not enough to use a console. lol

      It's just part of the PCMR life.

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    What motherboard do you have? Might be worth a shot to check to see if there are any BIOS updates. To me it sounds like a possible problem if you have an old BIOS that may have had some bugs in it, since you said that disconnecting the two other SSD allows it to work fine.
    I would also download Crystal Disk Info just to get a quick check on the health of the SSD just to make sure it's still in good health and nothing is wrong with it. You can download the standard edition if you don't want a bunch of anime girls plastered on it.
    I bet everyone is now wishing they installed anti-virus protection.


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      Click image for larger version

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        So I just turned the 4TB into the boot drive with a fresh Windows 10 install. It killed me having to give MS $140 for a copy of Windows 10 Home. But I did cause I planned to buy it eventually anyway and I wanted the newest version so the installation would be as trouble free as possible. I have an OEM disc version of Win 10 Home I bought from Walmart's site for $80 I believe it was. Basically I just paid $140 for a Windows 10 key. That I copy and pasted into a word pad and printed it out. You can get Windows 10 for free. But from what I understand without a key you are limited in what you can do with the OS.

        Anyway I needed a non OEM copy of Windows 10 anyway.

        Now I am just installing games. I spent 3 days working on my PC. Not playing Doom Eternal.

        I really hate PC problems. But I would never switch over to being a console peasant.


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          that sucks hope you get to rip and tear again quickly