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Can we get an "Out of Topic" Forum section?

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  • Can we get an "Out of Topic" Forum section?

    I know these forums are meant to be exclusively for games. But some forums does offer an "out of topic" section to talk of random stuff like music, videos or quick news (outside of videogames).

    In this case, I would like to talk about the Blame on Pew Die Pie and how it's not fair to be blamed for something he had no part in it.

    Keeping politics aside (I don't care about politics at all), simply it's not right to do something like blaming people for the fault of others.

    And to be honest, Pew Die Pie is not much of a gamer anymore ever since he dedicates his channel to cover more on news or memes.

    I do believe an out of topic section could help on this situation without posting on gaming articles (not bothering anyone that doesn't want to read this kind of topic).

    This is just a suggestion, or you guys think it's ok to talk about Pews problem on the regular News section of the forums?
    I want to respect the site decision of what is allowed and not allowed (not sure if talking about Pews problem can be allowed).
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    Been discussed many times, computer says "no"


    • Necromancerx69
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      Thanks for this info. Sorry for the trouble.

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    You mentioned PewDiePie 4 times then... do you think about him often?


    • Necromancerx69
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      I watch his content when I am bored.
      So I got mad when I heard of people blaming him for the mosque massacre.
      Mostly because something similar (but not as extreme) also happened to me.
      I ended up locked in my house for a year thanks to what I experienced and the depression that came with it.
      Now I am fine, thanks to psychological help.
      Blaming people without reason or evidence is not cool and can seriously hurt peoples mental health.

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    There will be no off-topic forum. There are plenty of places online for you to talk about the topic you mentioned, this, however, is not one them. Hope this clears things up.